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-Gallic Acid Induces Apoptosis via Caspase-3 and Mitochondrion-Dependent Pathways in Vitro and Suppresses Lung Xenograft Tumor Growth in VivoJi, B.C.; Hsu, W.H.; Yang, J.S.; Hsia, T.C.; Lu, C.C.; Chiang, J.H.; Yang, J.L.; Lin, C.H.; Lin, J.J.; Suen, L.J.W.; Wood, W.G.; Chung, J.G.-
-Gene expression profile predicts patient survival of gastric cancer after surgical resectionChen, C.N.; 陳健尉; Lin, J.J.; Chen, J.J.W.; Lee, P.H.; Yang, C.Y.; Kuo, M.L.; Chang, K.J.; Hsieh, F.J.-
-General Intercalation of Poly(oxyalkylene)-Amidoacids for Anionic and Cationic Layered ClaysLiao, Y.L.; Chiu, C.W.; Lin, J.J.-
-Hierarchical Rearrangement of Self-Assembled Molecular Bundle Strands from Poly(oxyethylene)-Segmented Amido AcidsTsai, W.C.; 林江珍; Lin, J.J.-
-Hierarchical self-assemblies of poly(oxyalkylene)-segmented amidoacidsLin, J.J.; Tsai, W.C.-
-Hierarchical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and wires by copolymer templates and visible lightHsu, Y.C.; Chen, Y.M.; Lin, W.L.; Lan, Y.F.; Chan, Y.N.; Lin, J.J.-
-High compatibility of the poly(oxypropylene)amine-intercalated montmorillonite for epoxyLin, J.J.; Cheng, I.J.; Chu, C.C.-
-A high performance dye-sensitized solar cell with a novel nanocomposite film of PtNP/MWCNT on the counter electrodeHuang, K.C.; Wang, Y.C.; Dong, R.X.; Tsai, W.C.; Tsai, K.W.; Wang, C.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Vittal, R.; Lin, J.J.; Ho, K.C.-
-Hydrophilicity, crystallinity and electrostatic dissipating properties of poly(oxyethylene)-segmented polyurethanesLin, J.J.; Chen, Y.C.-
-Hydrophobic Modification of Layered Clays and Compatibility for Epoxy NanocompositesLin, J.J.; Chan, Y.N.; Lan, Y.F.-
-Inhibition of Bacterial Growth by the Exfoliated Clays and Observation of Physical Capturing Mechanism蘇鴻麟; Wei, J.C.; Yen, Y.T.; Su, H.L.; Lin, J.J.-
-Intercalation of layered double hydroxides by poly(oxyalkylene)-amidocarboxylates: tailoring layered basal spacingLin, J.J.; Juang, T.Y.-
-Isomerization of endo-tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene over clay-supported chloroaluminate ionic liquid catalystsHuang, M.Y.; 薛富盛; Wu, J.C.; Shieu, F.S.; Lin, J.J.-
-Isomerization of exo-tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene to adamantane using an acidity-adjustable chloroaluminate ionic liquidHuang, M.Y.; 薛富盛; Wu, J.C.; Shieu, F.S.; Lin, J.J.; 林江珍-
-Layered inorganic/enzyme nanohybrids with selectivity and structural stability upon interacting with biomoleculesChen, G.J.; 邱信程; Yen, M.C.; Wang, J.M.; Lin, J.J.; Chiu, H.C.-
-Lengthy rod formation from a poly (oxyalkylene)amine-intercalated smectite clay by a self-aligning mechanismLin, J.J.; Chou, C.C.; Lin, J.L.-
-Mechanism of Silicate Platelet Self-Organization during Clay-Initiated Epoxy PolymerizationChan, Y.N.; Hsu, R.S.; Lin, J.J.-
-Metal-solvating and self-association of amphiphilic polyamides containing poly (oxyethylene) blocksLin, J.J.; Cheng, I.J.-
-N-aryl acylureas as intermediates in sequential self-repetitive reactions to form poly(amide-imide)sWei, K.L.; 戴憲弘; Wu, C.H.; Huang, W.H.; Lin, J.J.; Dai, S.A.-
-Nanocomposites with enhanced electrical properties based on biodegradable poly(butylene succinate) and polyetheramine modified carbon nanotubeLin, C.S.; Shih, Y.F.; Jeng, R.J.; Dai, S.H.A.; Lin, J.J.; Lee, C.C.-