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-Tumor-associated macrophages: The double-edged sword in cancer progressionChen, J.J.W.; 陳健尉; Lin, Y.C.; Yao, P.L.; Yuan, A.; Chen, H.Y.; Shun, C.T.; Tsai, M.F.; Chen, C.H.; Yang, P.C.-
-A two-dimensional diffusion model quantifying intracellular transport with independent factors accounting for cytosol viscosity, binding, and steric hindranceChang, H.C.; 張厚謙; Lin, Y.C.; Kuo, C.T.-
-Ultra fine pitch flat panel display packaging using 3 mu m conductive particlesWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Lin, Y.C.; Lin, G.S.-
-Unique features of Erwinia chrysanthemi (Dickeya dadantii) RA3B genes involved in the blue indigoidine productionChu, M.K.; 黃秀珍; Lin, L.F.; Twu, C.S.; Lin, R.H.; Lin, Y.C.; Hsu, S.T.; Tzeng, K.C.; Huang, H.C.-
-Use of the normalized impact-echo spectrum to monitor the setting process of mortarLin, S.K.; 林宜清; Lin, Y.C.; Hsu, K.T.; Yen, T.-
-Vaccine development through terminal deletions of an infectious bursal disease virus protein 2 precursor variantHo, J.Y.; 王敏盈; Lee, L.H.; Lin, Y.C.; Tai, Y.J.; Chang, C.K.; Chou, Y.M.; Lai, S.Y.; Wang, M.Y.-
-The XopE2 effector protein of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria is involved in virulence and in the suppression of the hypersensitive responseLin, R.H.; Peng, C.W.; Lin, Y.C.; Peng, H.L.; Huang, H.C.-