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-Epidemiologic relationship between fluoroquinolone-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar choleraesuis strains isolated from humans and pigs in Taiwan (1997 to 2002)Chang, C.C.; 張照勤; Lin, Y.H.; Chang, C.F.; Yeh, K.S.; Chiu, C.H.; Chu, C.; Chien, M.S.; Hsu, Y.M.; Tsai, L.S.; Chiou, C.S.; 簡茂盛-
-Evaluation on quality indices and retained tocopherol contents in the production of the rice-based cereal by extrusionLin, Y.H.; Yeh, C.S.; Lu, S.-
-Extrusion processing of rice-based breakfast cereals enhanced with tocopherol from a Chinese medical plantLin, Y.H.; Yeh, C.S.; Lu, S.-
-Flexible strain sensors fabricated with carbon nano-tube and carbon nano-fiber composite thin films楊錫杭; Chang, F.Y.; Wang, R.H.; Yang, H.; Lin, Y.H.; Chen, T.M.; Huang, S.J.-
-Group I introns in small subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU-rDNA) of cereal Phaeosphaeria speciesWang, C.L.; 張碧芳; Chang, P.F.L.; Lin, Y.H.; Malkus, A.; Gao, L.Y.; Ueng, P.P.-
-Hair analysis for methamphetamine, ketamine, morphine and codeine by cation-selective exhaustive injection and sweeping micellar electrokinetic chromatographyLin, Y.H.; 李茂榮; Lee, M.R.; Lee, R.J.; Ko, W.K.; Wu, S.M.-
-Histopathology comparison and phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) gene expressions in Fusarium wilt infected watermelonsChang, P.F.L.; 黃振文; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, Y.H.; Chen, K.S.; Huang, J.W.; Liou, T.D.; 張碧芳-
-Incorporating MIP and SIP for Cross-Layer Fast Handoff in IPv6 NetworksCheng, Y.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Kao, S.J.-
-Investigation of spectral conversion of d(TTAGGG)(4) and d(TTAGGG)(13) upon potassium titration by a G-quadruplex recognizer BMVC moleculeChang, C.C.; Chien, C.W.; Lin, Y.H.; Kang, C.C.; Chang, T.C.-
-Measuring efficiency of domestic banks in Taiwan: application of data envelopment analysis and Malmquist indexLin, Y.H.; Hsu, G.J.Y.; Hsiao, C.K.-
-Modeling and fabrication of a piezoelectric vibration-induced micro power generatorWang, G.J.; 楊錫杭; Yu, W.C.; Lin, Y.H.; Yang, H.; 王國禎-
-A novel amino acid substitution in a voltage-gated sodium channel is associated with knockdown resistance to permethrin in Aedes aegyptiChang, C.; 誠, 張; Shen, W.K.; Wang, T.T.; Lin, Y.H.; Hsu, E.L.; Dai, S.M.; 戴淑美-
-A novel chip-on-glass method for slim LCD packagingLin, Y.H.; 王國禎; Chang, K.J.; Wang, G.J.-
-Parasitosis of short-finned eel, Anguilla australis schmidti, in TaiwanWang, W.S.; 黃鴻堅; Hung, S.W.; Lin, Y.H.; Shih, C.W.; Tu, C.Y.; Tung, K.C.; Chen, B.R.; Ooi, H.K.; 董光中-
-Photocatalytic Activity and Electron Field Emission of Necked ZnO:Bi NanowiresFang, C.W.; Wu, J.M.; Lee, L.T.; Yeh, H.H.; Wu, W.T.; Lin, Y.H.; Tsai, P.J.; Chen, Y.R.-
-Photoresponsive and Ultraviolet to Visible-Light Range Photocatalytic Properties of ZnO:Sb NanowiresWu, J.M.; Fang, C.W.; Lee, L.T.; Yeh, H.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Yeh, P.H.; Tsai, L.N.; Lin, L.J.-
-Physical properties of water-borne polyurethane blended with chitosanLin, Y.H.; 徐善慧; Chou, N.K.; Wu, W.J.; Hsu, S.H.; Whu, S.W.; Ho, G.H.; Tsai, C.L.; Wang, S.S.; Chu, S.H.; Hsieh, K.H.-
-Plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) outside chloroplast in Arabidopsis enhances disease resistance against bacterial pathogensLin, Y.H.; Huang, H.E.; Wu, F.S.; Ger, M.J.; Liao, P.L.; Chen, Y.R.; Tzeng, K.C.; Feng, T.Y.-
-The Preparation and High Photon-Sensing Properties of Fluorinated Tin Dioxide NanowiresLin, Y.H.; Huang, M.W.; Liu, C.K.; Chen, J.R.; Wu, J.M.; Shih, H.C.-
-Purification and localization of nitric oxide Synthases from hybrid tilapia (Nile tilapia x Mozambique tilapia)Wang, W.S.; Hung, S.W.; Lin, Y.H.; Tu, C.Y.; Wong, M.L.; Chiou, S.H.; Shieh, M.T.-