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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-An Action Research by Learning Community on Improvement of math learning in Junior High School趙苓菓; Ling-Kuo Chao
-(The Chinese Journal of Mechanics,06(2):093-098 )Grain Flow in A Converging Conical ChannelLin-Tsang Lee-
-(Computers and Structures, 54(5):997-1001)Free Vibration of Cylindrical Shells Filled with LiquidLin-Tsang Lee; J. C. Lu
-(Computers and Structures, 57(1):167-175)Pressure Exerted by a Granular Material along a Curved ChannelLin-Tsang Lee; D. C. Lee
-(Computers and Structures, 58(5):957-971)Equivalent Systems for Variable Thickness Circular PlatesLin-Tsang Lee; W. K. Lo
-(Computers and Structures, 65(2):149-156)Free Vibration of Rectangular Plates on Elastic Point Supports with the Application of a New Type of Admissible FunctionLin-Tsang Lee; D. C. Lee
-Identification of multiple cracks in a beam by using local adaptive differential quadrature method吳俊育; Jiun-Yu Wu
-The Investigation of Mathematics Literacy of the Junior High School Gifted Students張斐閔; Fei Min Chang
-(Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, 21(3):303-334 )Vibration Analysis of Thin-Walled Pipe with Grain FlowLin-Tsang Lee
-(Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, 22(4):505-538)Free Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Plates with Interior Point SupportsS. P Lee.; Lin-Tsang Lee
-(Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, 25(2):151-162)Free Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Plates with Interior Elastic Point SupportsLin-Tsang Lee; D. C. Lee
-The Promotion of Active Learning by OpenCourseWare -A Case of a Calculus Course彭敬凱; Ching-Kai Peng
-The Study of Learning effects of Vocational School Students in Math and Professional Subjects劉玉永; Yu-Yung Liu
-A Study on the Effect of Cooperative Learning of Geometry on 9th Graders陳雅苹; Ya-Ping Chen
-(Thin Solid Films, 517(3):1268-1273)ZnO:Al nanostructures synthesized on pre-deposited aluminum (Al)/Si template: Formation, photoluminescence and electron field emissionChiung-Wan Fang; Jyh-Ming Wu; Lin-Tsang Lee; Yeh-Hsin Hsien; Shen-Chuan Lo; Chiung-Hsiung Chen
-不同學習成就的高職學生在「問題導向學習」教學下之研究林慧穎; Lin, Hui-Ying-
-中空環狀板之振動控制方瓊菀; Fang, Chiung-Wan-
-函數板逆運算問題之研究謝俊杰; Hsieh, June-Jye-
-含內部點支撐矩形板的自由振動分析李紹平; Lee, Shaw Pying-
-摻雜鋁、銻之氧化鋅奈米結構成長與特性分析方瓊菀; Fang, Chiung-Wan-