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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-A Four-Gene Signature from NCI-60 Cell Line for Survival Prediction in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerHsu, Y.C.; Yuan, S.; Chen, H.Y.; Yu, S.L.; Liu, C.H.; Hsu, P.Y.; Wu, G.; Lin, C.H.; Chang, G.C.; Li, K.C.; Yang, P.C.-
-Generation of nano-scaled DNA patterns through electro-beam induced charge trappingChi, P.Y.; Lin, H.Y.; Liu, C.H.; Chen, C.D.-
-Identification of the antigenic determinants of the American cockroach allergen Per a 1 by error-prone PCRTsai, W.J.; 楊秋英; Liu, C.H.; Chen, S.T.; Yang, C.Y.-
-Improvement on the flexible tree-based key management frameworkHwang, M.S.; Lo, J.W.; Liu, C.H.-
-Measurement and tracking control of the Z-tilts error compensating stage of the nano-measuring machineLiu, V.T.; 林俊良; Liu, C.H.; Li, H.W.; Chen, C.L.; Lin, C.L.; Lin, Y.C.-
-Observations of hysteresis in flow around two square cylinders in a tandem arrangementLiu, C.H.; 陳志敏; Chen, J.M.-
-Pressure barrier in an axisymmetric capillary microchannel with sudden expansionChen, J.M.; Chen, C.Y.; Liu, C.H.-
-Removal of 2-chlorophenol from aqueous solution by Mg/Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) and modified LDHChuang, Y.H.; 鄒裕民; Tzou, Y.M.; Wang, M.K.; Liu, C.H.; Chiang, P.N.-
-Removal of anionic reactive dyes from water using anion exchange membranes as adsorbersLiu, C.H.; 孫幸宜; Wu, J.S.; Chiu, H.C.; Suen, S.Y.; Chu, K.H.-
-Removal of cationic dye methyl violet 2B from water by cation exchange membranesWu, J.S.; 孫幸宜; Liu, C.H.; Chu, K.H.; Suen, S.Y.-
-A secure strong-password authentication protocolWu, H.C.; Hwang, M.S.; Liu, C.H.-
-Self-consolidating concrete columns under concentric compressionLin, C.H.; Hwang, C.L.; Lin, S.P.; Liu, C.H.-
-Transparent Barrier Coatings on High Temperature Resisting Polymer Substrates for Flexible Electronic ApplicationsWuu, D.S.; 武東星; Chen, T.N.; Lay, E.; Liu, C.H.; Chang, C.H.; Wei, H.F.; Jiang, L.Y.; Lee, H.U.; Chang, Y.Y.-
-Vortex shedding and surface pressures on a square cylinder at incidence to a uniform air streamChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Liu, C.H.-