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-The sequence and phylogenetic analysis of avian reovirus genome segments M1, M2, and M3 encoding the minor core protein mu A, the major outer capsid protein mu B, and the nonstructural protein mu NSSu, Y.P.; 劉宏仁; Su, B.S.; Shien, J.H.; Liu, H.J.; Lee, L.H.-
-Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of interleukin (IL)-1 beta-encoding genes of five avian species and structural and functional homology among these IL-1 beta proteinsWu, Y.F.; 邱繡河; Liu, H.J.; Chiou, S.H.; Lee, L.H.; 劉宏仁-
-Structure of the Alkalohyperthermophilic Archaeoglobus fulgidus Lipase Contains a Unique C-Terminal Domain Essential for Long-Chain Substrate Binding蕭介夫; Chen, C.K.M.; Lee, G.C.; Ko, T.P.; Guo, R.T.; Huang, L.M.; Liu, H.J.; Ho, Y.F.; Shaw, J.F.; Wang, A.H.J.-
-Suppression of protein expression of three avian reovirus S-class genome segments by RNA interferenceJi, W.T.; 劉宏仁; Chulu, J.L.C.; Lin, F.L.; Li, S.K.; Lee, L.H.; Liu, H.J.-
-TIMP3: a physiological regulator of adult myogenesisLiu, H.J.; 陳洵一; Chen, S.E.; Jin, B.W.; Carson, J.A.; Niu, A.R.; Durham, W.; Lai, J.Y.; Li, Y.P.-