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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Programmed cell death induced by Japanese encephalitis virus YL vaccine strain or its recombinant envelope protein in varied cultured cellsChen, S.O.; 張天傑; Chang, T.J.; Stone, G.; Chen, C.H.; Liu, J.J.-
-The recombinant core protein of Japanese encephalitis virus as a regulator of cytokine's promotersShih, D.Y.; 張天傑; Wong, M.L.; Chang, T.J.; Liu, J.J.-
-Recombinant core proteins of Japanese encephalitis virus as activators of the innate immune responseChen, S.O.; 張天傑; Fang, S.H.; Shih, D.Y.; Chang, T.J.; Liu, J.J.-
-The recombinant nucleocapsid protein of classical swine fever virus can act as a transcriptional regulatorLiu, J.J.; 張天傑; Wong, M.L.; Chang, T.J.-
-Structure and antiferroelectric properties of cesium niobate, Cs2Nb4O11Smith, R.W.; Hu, C.H.; Liu, J.J.; Mei, W.N.; Lin, K.J.-