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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Bioavailability evaluation of naphthalene in soil using persulfate oxidation and ultrasonic extraction methodHung, J.M.; Liu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Chih, Hsing; Lai, T.H.Y.; Lu, C.J.-
-Biodegradation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol in the presence of primary substrate by immobilized pure culture bacteriaWang, C.C.; 盧至人; Lee, C.M.; Lu, C.J.; Chuang, M.S.; Huang, C.Z.; 李季眉-
-Characterization and optoelectronic properties of p-type N-doped CuAlO2 filmsYu, R.S.; 薛富盛; Liang, S.C.; Lu, C.J.; Tasi, D.C.; Shieu, F.S.-
-The comparison of trichloroethylene removal rates by methane- and aromatic-utilizing microorganismsLu, C.J.; 盧至人; Lee, C.M.; Chung, M.S.; 李季眉-
-Continuous dechlorination of tetrachloroethene in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactorHwu, C.S.; Lu, C.J.-
-Dimensional analysis for establishing the testing criteria of kinetic study with respirometryWu, Y.S.; 盧至人; Chiang, C.F.; Lu, C.J.-
-Effect of Biosolids and Cd/Pb Interaction on the Growth and Cd Accumulation of Brassica rapa Grown in Cd-Contaminated SoilsChen, H.L.; Lai, H.Y.; Wang, S.M.; Kuo, Y.C.; Lu, C.J.-
-Effect of surfactant on the estimation by solid phase microextraction of bioavailable pyrene in soil samplesLiu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Lu, C.J.-
-Effects of ion assistance and substrate temperature on optical characteristics and microstructure of MgF2 films formed by electron-beam evaporationJaing, C.C.; Shiao, M.H.; Lee, B.C.; Lu, C.J.; Liu, M.C.; Lee, C.H.; Chen, H.C.-
-Effects of Sludge and pH Adjustment on Cd Speciation in Soil and Growth and Cd Accumulation in Pak ChoiLu, C.J.; Chiu, Y.L.; Chen, H.L.; Lai, H.Y.-
-Effects of temperature on columnar microstructure and recrystallization of TiO2 film produced by ion-assisted depositionChen, H.C.; 薛富盛; Lee, C.C.; Jaing, C.C.; Shiao, M.H.; Lu, C.J.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Enhanced dechlorination of chloroethenes by granular sludge under microaerophilic conditionsHwu, C.S.; 盧至人; Lu, C.J.-
-Estimation of bioavailability and potential risks of naphthalene in soils with solid phase microextractionLiu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Chu, K.C.; Lu, C.J.-
-Experimental study of heat sink performance using copper foams fabricated by electroformingChein, R.Y.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.H.; Tsai, T.H.; Lu, C.J.; 簡瑞與-
-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin-mediated iron-activated persulfate oxidation of trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethyleneLiang, C.J.; 梁振儒; Huang, C.F.; Mohanty, N.; Lu, C.J.; Kurakalva, R.M.-
-Microstructural evolution of AIN coatings synthesized by unbalanced magnetron sputteringWang, C.C.; 薛富盛; Lu, C.J.; Shiao, M.H.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Phase transformation and optoelectronic properties of p-type CuAlO2 thin filmsYu, R.S.; 薛富盛; Lu, C.J.; Tasi, D.C.; Liang, S.C.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Reclamation of the wastewater from an industrial park using hollow-fibre and spiral-wound membranes: 50 m3 d-1 pilot testing and cost evaluationChu, C.P.; Jiao, S.R.; Hung, J.M.; Lu, C.J.; Chung, Y.J.-
-Reliability of solid phase microextraction in estimating bioavailability of pyrene in soilLiu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Hung, J.M.; Lai, H.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Lu, C.J.-
-Respirometric evaluation by graphical analysis for microbial systemsWu, Y.S.; 盧至人; Chiang, C.F.; Lu, C.J.-