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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Oxygen radical-mediated oxidation reactions of an alanine peptide motif - density functional theory and transition state theory studyChen, H.Y.; Jang, S.; Jinn, T.R.; Chang, J.Y.; Lu, H.F.; Li, F.Y.-
-Site specificity of alpha-H abstraction reaction among secondary structure motif - An ab initio studyLu, H.F.; 李豐穎; Li, F.Y.; Lin, S.H.-
-Site Specificity of the C-alpha-H Bond Dissociation Energy for a Naturally Occurring beta-Hairpin Peptide-An Ab Initio StudyCheng, W.C.; Jang, S.M.; Wu, C.C.; Lin, R.J.; Lu, H.F.; Li, F.Y.-
-The structures, conversions and fragmentations of C2H6O2+ isomers: An ab initio studyLu, H.F.; 李豐穎; Li, F.Y.; Nagaya, K.; Hayashi, M.; Lin, S.H.-