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-Design and characterization of highly efficient porphyrin sensitizers for green see-through dye-sensitized solar cellsLu, H.P.; 葉鎮宇; Mai, C.L.; Tsia, C.Y.; Hsu, S.J.; Hsieh, C.P.; Chiu, C.L.; Yeh, C.Y.; Diau, E.W.G.-
-Highly conjugated multiporphyrins: synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical propertiesHuang, T.H.; 葉鎮宇; Chen, Y.J.; Lo, S.S.; Yen, W.N.; Mai, C.L.; Kuo, M.C.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Porphyrin dimers bridged by an electrochemically switchable unitMai, C.L.; 葉鎮宇; Huang, Y.L.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Structure-property relationship for two-photon absorbing multiporphyrins: Supramolecular assembly of highly-conjugated multiporphyrinic ladders and prismsEaswaramoorthi, S.; 葉鎮宇; Jang, S.Y.; Yoon, Z.S.; Lim, J.M.; Lee, C.W.; Mai, C.L.; Liu, Y.C.; Yeh, C.Y.; Vura-Weis, J.; Wasielewski, M.R.; Kim, D.-
-Synthesis and characterization of diporphyrin sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cellsMai, C.L.; 葉鎮宇; Huang, W.K.; Lu, H.P.; Lee, C.W.; Chiu, C.L.; Liang, Y.R.; Diau, E.W.G.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin sensitizers with various electron-donating substituents for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsHsieh, C.P.; 葉鎮宇; Lu, H.P.; Chiu, C.L.; Lee, C.W.; Chuang, S.H.; Mai, C.L.; Yen, W.N.; Hsu, S.J.; Diau, E.W.G.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Synthesis, structure, and optical and electrochemical properties of star-shaped porphyrin-triarylamine conjugatesYen, W.N.; 葉鎮宇; Lo, S.S.; Kuo, M.C.; Mai, C.L.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-A Waterwheel-Shaped meso-meso-Linked Porphyrin PentamerWu, C.A.; 葉鎮宇; Chin, C.L.; Mai, C.L.; Lin, Y.S.; Yeh, C.Y.-