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-The efficiency of artificial materials used for erosion control on steep slopesChen, Su-Chin; Chang, Kuang-Tsung; Wang, Shi-Hao; Lin, Jun-Yue-
-Flow characteristics within different configurations of submerged flexible vegetationChen, Su-Chin; Kuo, Yi-Ming; Li, Yu-Hsiu-
-A method of short-circuiting comparison with mixing indexesTsai, David Dah-Wei; Ramaraj, Rameshprabu; Chen, Paris Honglay-
-The seismic signatures of the 2009 Shiaolin landslide in TaiwanZ.Feng
-A wavelet based method for estimating the damping ratio in statnamic pile load testsTsai, Pei-hsun; Feng, Zheng-yi; Lin, Shang-yuh-