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-The effect of annealing time on the magnetic properties and microstructure of (Fe0.675Pt0.325) B-84(16) ribbonsChang, C.W.; Chang, H.W.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, W.C.; Ouyang, H.; Liu, C.C.-
-The effect of polymeric coatings on the static fatigue of tightly jacketed double-coated optical fibersShiue, S.T.; 薛顯宗; Shen, T.Y.; Ouyang, H.; Lin, K.M.-
-Effects of annealing temperature on electrical resistance of bonded n-GaAs wafersLiu, P.C.; Lu, C.L.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Ouyang, H.-
-Effects of laser sources on the reverse-bias leakages of laser lift-off GaN-based light-emitting diodesWu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Peng, W.C.; Ouyang, H.-
-Exchange bias dependence on interface spin alignment in a Ni80Fe20/(Ni,Fe)O thin filmOuyang, H.; 林克偉; Lin, K.W.; Liu, C.C.; Lo, S.C.; Tzeng, Y.M.; Guo, Z.Y.; van Lierop, J.-
-Exchange bias in a nanocolumnar Ni80Fe20/alpha-Fe2O3 thin filmvan Lierop, J.; Lin, K.W.; Guo, Z.Y.; Ko, P.H.; Ouyang, H.-
-Exchange coupling in FePt-FePt3 nanocomposite filmsLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Guo, J.Y.; Liu, C.Y.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.; Phuoc, N.N.; Suzuki, T.-
-In-plane and perpendicular exchange bias in Pt/Co /NiO multilayersLin, K.W.; Guo, J.Y.; Kahwaji, S.; Chang, S.C.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.; Phuoc, N.N.; Suzuki, T.-
-The intermixing induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin Co/Pt multilayersSu, C.H.; 林克偉; Lo, S.C.; van Lierop, J.; Lin, K.W.; Ouyang, H.-
-Kinetics of solvent-induced crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) at the final stage施明智; Lee, W.H.; Ouyang, H.; Shih, M.C.; Wu, M.H.-
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of (Fe0.5+yPt0.5-y)(z)B100-z (y=0-0.2; z=82 and 84) melt spun ribbonsChang, C.W.; Chang, H.W.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, W.C.; Ouyang, H.; Liu, C.C.-
-Modulating nanomagnetism in Ni80Fe20/(Ni,Fe)O thin films by tuning the interfacial microstructure using ion bombardmentSu, C.H.; Lo, S.C.; Lin, K.W.; van Lierop, J.; Ouyang, H.-
-Nanoscaled interfacial oxide layers of bonded n- and p-type GaAs wafersOuyang, H.; Wu, Y.C.S.; Cheng, J.H.; Lu, C.L.; Chiou, S.H.; Ouyang, W.-
-Origin of Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Ultrathin Pt/Co (4)/NiO MultilayersSu, C.H.; Lo, S.C.; Chiou, S.H.; Lin, K.W.; Ouyang, W.; Ouyang, H.-
-Proximity effects in an exchange-biased Ni80Fe20/Co3O4 thin filmvan Lierop, J.; 林克偉; Lin, K.W.; Guo, J.Y.; Ouyang, H.; Southern, B.W.-
-Pt/Co (4)/NiO thin film perpendicular magnetic anisotropy dependence on Co layer thicknessLin, K.W.; Volobuev, V.V.; Guo, J.Y.; Chung, S.H.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.-
-Tailoring perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin Co/Pt multilayers coupled to NiOOuyang, H.; 林克偉; Han, Y.H.; Lo, S.C.; Su, C.H.; Shiu, Y.R.; Lin, K.W.; Desautels, R.D.; van Lierop, J.-
-Three stages of crystallization in poly(ethylene terephthalate) during mass transportOuyang, H.; 施明智; Lee, W.H.; Shih, M.C.-
-Tuning the exchange bias in NiFe/Fe-oxide bilayers by way of different Fe-oxide based mixtures made with an ion-beam deposition techniqueLin, K.W.; 林克偉; Ko, P.H.; Guo, Z.Y.; Ouyang, H.; van Lierop, J.-
-White lines and d-band occupancy for the 3d transition-metal oxides and lithium transition-metal oxidesGraetz, J.; Ahn, C.C.; Ouyang, H.; Rez, P.; Fultz, B.-