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-Fabrication of pyramidal patterned sapphire substrates for high-efficiency InGaN-based light emitting diodesWuu, D.S.; 洪瑞華; Wang, W.K.; Wen, K.S.; Huang, S.C.; Lin, S.H.; Horng, R.H.; Yu, Y.S.; Pan, M.H.; 武東星-
-Lanostane-type triterpenoids from Diospyros discolorChen, C.R.; Cheng, C.W.; Pan, M.H.; Liao, Y.W.; Tzeng, C.Y.; Chang, C.I.-
-Tocopherols and triterpenoids from Sida acutaChen, C.R.; Chao, L.H.; Pan, M.H.; Liao, Y.W.; Chang, C.I.-