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-Carcase composition of Taiwan simulated native chickensRoan, S.W.; 阮喜文 ; Fang, W.B.; Hu, C.L.; Wang, B.Y.-
-Consumer choice of pork chops in TaiwanChen, M.T.; 阮喜文 ; Guo, H.L.; Tseng, T.F.; Roan, S.W.; Ngapo, T.M.-
-Effect of dietary protein and lysine levels on lactating multiparous sows and litter performanceCheng, C.S.; 許振忠; Yen, H.T.; Roan, S.W.; Wu, J.F.; Hsu, J.C.; 阮喜文 -
-A simulation model for predicting the voluntary feed intake of a growing pigYoosuk, S.; Ong, H.B.; Roan, S.W.; Morgan, C.A.; Whittemore, C.T.-