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-The Role and Position of Women in Taiwan Forest BureauChiou-Shya Torng; 童秋霞; Shaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟-
-Stand Structure and Yield of Stand-Conversed Cryptomeria Plantation in TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng; 羅紹麟; 馮豐隆
-Studies on Forest Esthetics Theories and Applications羅紹麟; 王長平; Shaw-Lin Lo; Chung-Pyng Wang
-Studies on Forestry Administration under Environment Conservative Policy-Optimal Forest Road Density羅紹麟; 林喻東; 周源樹; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Yuan-Shu Zhou
-Studies on Management Technique of Leased National Forestland in Central Area of TaiwanShaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin; Kai-An Lo; 羅紹麟; 林喻東; 羅凱安
-Studies on the Cleaning Operation by Using Light Chainsaw in the Crptomeria Young Stands羅紹麟; 馮豐隆; Shaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng
-A Study on Maintenance Management and Visitors' Satisfaction of Hui-Sun Experimental Forest Areas Facilities羅紹麟; 邱立文; Shaw-Lin Lo; Li-Wen Chiu
-Study on The Goal Programming for Forest Land Multiple-Use Planning of Da-Pu Working Circle許秀英; 羅紹麟; Shiow-Ing Sheu; Shaw-Lin Lo
-A Study on the Organization of Forest Cooperative Management in Taiwan羅紹麟; Shaw-Lin Lo-
-Study on the Theory and Concept of Safety Management in Forest Recreation Area黃麗萍; 羅紹麟; Li-Ping Huang; Shaw-Lin Lo
-The Survey and Analysis of Forest Recreation Areas in Western Coast of Taiwan羅紹麟; 林喻東; Shaw-Lin Lo; Yui-Dung Lin
-The Growth and Yield of Stand Conversed Plantation in TaiwanFong-Long Feng; Shaw-Lin Lo-
-不同機關間森林經營管理權責上之衝突研究--武陵地區之個案分析Shaw-Lin Lo; Yi-Chuan Cheng; 羅紹麟; 鄭伊娟
-人工林永續經營的策略Shaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟-
-原住民保留地林農參予林業合作組織意願之研究─以南投縣信義鄉為例柯希真; ko, His Chen-
-台灣地區國有林經營問題與未來方向之探討Shaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟-
-台灣地區大專森林科系畢業生人力資源運用現況調查之研究 __以75-78年班為例陳甘順; Chen, Kan-Shun-
-台灣地區混農林業經營之研究Shaw-Lin Lo; 羅紹麟; 林喻東-
-台灣林相變更計畫的評估Shaw-Lin Lo; Fong-Long Feng; 羅紹麟; 馮豐隆