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-Cloning of the gene and characterization of the enzymatic properties of the monomeric alkaline phosphatase (PhoX) from Pasteurella multocida strain X-73Wu, J.R.; 張伯俊; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Hu, C.C.; Gong, S.R.; Chen, L.Y.; Chang, P.C.-
-Complete nucleotide sequences of S1 and N genes of infectious bronchitis virus isolated in Japan and TaiwanShieh, H.K.; 張伯俊; Shien, J.H.; Chou, H.Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Chen, J.N.; Chang, P.C.-
-Detection of avian reovirus RNA and comparison of a portion of genome segment S3 by polymerase chain reaction and restriction enzyme fragment length polymorphismLee, L.H.; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.-
-Detection of proteins and nucleic acids of Newcastle disease virus in Eimeria acervulinaWu, H.Y.; 邱繡河; Chiou, S.H.; Shien, J.H.; Chang, P.C.; Shieh, H.K.; 張伯俊-
-Development of a polymerase chain reaction procedure for detection and differentiation of duck and goose circovirusChen, C.L.; 張伯俊; Wang, P.X.; Lee, M.S.; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Ou, S.J.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, P.C.-
-Development of blocking ELISA for detection of antibodies against avian influenza virus of the H7 subtypeShien, J.H.; 張伯俊; Fu, L.F.; Wu, J.R.; Cheng, M.C.; Shieh, H.K.; Chang, P.C.-
-Differential expression of U2AF(35) in the arthritic joint of avian reovirus-infected chicksFan, Y.H.; 邱繡河; Lin, C.D.; Chiou, S.H.; Chow, K.C.; Chi, Y.S.; Lee, L.H.; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; 周寬基-
-Efficacy of recombinant subunit vaccines in protection of mice against challenge with Pasteurella multocidaShieh, H.K.; 張伯俊; Wu, J.R.; Chang, P.C.-
-Experimental infections of rabbits with rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus monitored by polymerase chain reactionShien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Lee, L.H.-
-Expression of capsid proteins and non-structural proteins of waterfowl parvoviruses in Escherichia coli and their use in serological assaysWang, C.Y.; Shieh, H.K.; Shien, J.H.; Ko, C.Y.; Chang, P.C.-
-Genetic and antigenic characterization of foot-and-mouth disease viruses isolated in Taiwan between 1998 and 2009Lin, Y.L.; 張伯俊; Jong, M.H.; Huang, C.C.; Shieh, H.K.; Chang, P.C.-
-Genetic and pathogenic characterization of H6N1 avian influenza viruses isolated in Taiwan between 1972 and 2005Lee, M.S.; 張伯俊; Chang, P.C.; Shien, J.H.; Cheng, M.C.; Chen, C.L.; Shieh, H.K.-
-A homopolymer stretch composed of variable numbers of cytidine residues in the terminal repeats of infectious laryngotracheitis virusChang, P.C.; 張伯俊; Shieh, H.K.; Shien, J.H.; Kang, S.W.-
-Identification of sequence changes in live attenuated goose parvovirus vaccine strains developed in Asia and EuropeShien, J.H.; 張伯俊; Wang, Y.S.; Chen, C.H.; Shieh, H.K.; Hu, C.C.; Chang, P.C.-
-Immunogenicity and haemagglutination of recombinant Avibacterium paragallinarum HagAHsu, Y.M.; 張伯俊; Shieh, H.K.; Chen, W.H.; Shiang, J.H.; Chang, P.C.-
-Managing an animal health emergency in Taipei China: foot and mouth diseaseChen, B.J.; Sung, W.H.T.; Shieh, H.K.-
-Molecular characterization of plasmids with antimicrobial resistant genes in avian isolates of pasteurella multocidaWu, J.R.; 張伯俊; Shieh, H.K.; Shien, J.H.; Gong, S.R.; Chang, P.C.-
-Monoclonal antibodies against different epitopes of nonstructural protein sigma NS of avian reovirus S1133Hou, H.S.; Su, Y.P.; Shieh, H.K.; Lee, L.H.-
-Newcastle disease virus isolated from recent outbreaks in Taiwan phylogenetically related, to viruses (genotype VII) from recent outbreaks in western EuropeYang, C.Y.; 張伯俊; Shieh, H.K.; Lin, Y.L.; Chang, P.C.-
-Nucleotide sequences of goose circovirus isolated in TaiwanChen, C.L.; 張伯俊; Chang, P.C.; Lee, M.S.; Shien, J.H.; Ou, S.J.; Shieh, H.K.-