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-Determination of HBA2 cut-off value for the differentiation between alpha- and beta- thalassemiaChang, Y.C.; Shih, H.C.; Shih, M.C.; Lin, H.J.; Peng, C.T.-
-Dielectric properties of high-density-plasma fluorinated-silicate glass by doping nitrogenWei, B.J.; 呂福興; Cheng, Y.L.; Wang, Y.L.; Lu, F.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-Disturbance of circadian gene expression in endometrial cancer: Detection by real-time quantitative RT-PCRShih, H.C.; 張天傑; Choo, K.B.; Chang, T.J.; Yang, M.Y.; Shih, M.C.; Yeh, K.T.; Liu, T.C.; Lin, S.F.; Chang, J.G.-
-Effect of argon ion beam voltages on the microstructure of aluminum nitride films prepared at room temperature by a dual ion beam sputtering systemChen, H.Y.; Han, S.; Cheng, C.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-The effect of Cr interlayer on the microstructure of CrN coatings on steelHan, S.; 呂福興; Lin, J.H.; Guo, X.J.; Tsai, S.H.; Su, Y.O.; Huang, J.H.; Lu, F.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-The effect of DC bias on the synthesis of crystalline carbon nitrides on silicon by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD)Sung, S.L.; Tsai, T.G.; Huang, K.P.; Huang, J.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-Effect of metal vapor vacuum arc Cr-implanted interlayers on the microstructure of CrN film on siliconHan, S.; 呂福興; Chen, H.Y.; Chang, Z.C.; Lin, J.H.; Yang, C.J.; Lu, F.H.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.; 薛富盛-
-Effect of plasma modification of single wall carbon nanotubes on ethanol vapor sensingLiu, C.K.; Huang, M.W.; Wu, J.M.; Shih, H.C.-
-The effect of preferred orientation on the mechanical properties of chromium nitride coatings deposited on SKD11 by unbalanced magnetron sputteringHan, S.; Lin, J.H.; Wang, G.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-Effects of CPII implantation on the characteristics of diamond-like carbon filmsChen, Y.C.; Weng, K.W.; Chao, C.H.; Lien, S.Y.; Han, S.; Chen, T.L.; Lee, Y.C.; Shih, H.C.; Wang, D.Y.-
-Effects of MEVVA-implanted chromium on the structure and properties of CrN filmHan, S.; 呂福興; Chen, H.Y.; Chang, K.L.; Weng, K.W.; Wang, D.Y.; Lu, F.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-Electrical enhancement of DMFC by Pt-M/C catalyst-assisted PVDYao, K.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Chao, C.H.; Wang, W.F.; Lien, S.Y.; Shih, H.C.; Chen, T.L.; Weng, K.W.-
-Exploring metal vapor vacuum arc implanted copper to catalyze electroless-plated copper film on a TaN/FSG/Si assemblyChen, U.S.; Lin, J.H.; Hsieh, W.J.; Shih, P.S.; Weng, K.W.; Wang, D.Y.; Chang, Y.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Field emission and optical properties of Ga-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized via thermal evaporationChang, L.W.; 薛富盛; Yeh, J.W.; Cheng, C.L.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Formation and characterization of DLC:Cr:Cu multi-layers coating using cathodic arc evaporationJao, J.Y.; Han, S.; Chang, L.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Chang, C.L.; Shih, H.C.-
-Growth and optical properties of uniform tungsten oxide nanowire bundles via a two-step heating process by thermal evaporationHsieh, Y.T.; Huang, M.W.; Chang, C.C.; Chen, U.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Hematological features and molecular lesions of hemoglobin gene disorders in Taiwanese patientsLin, H.J.; Shih, M.C.; Peng, C.T.; Liu, T.C.; Chen, K.W.; Shih, H.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-Identification and phylogenetic analysis of orf virus from goats in TaiwanChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Lin, J.W.; Lee, S.H.; Liao, C.J.; Tsai, M.C.; Hsu, W.L.; Wong, M.L.; Shih, H.C.-
-Improving conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by metal plasma ion implantation of ruthenium ionsYen, C.C.; Wang, D.Y.; Chang, L.S.; Shih, M.H.; Shih, H.C.-
-In-situ Cu2O formation on amorphous carbon nanotubes induced by electron beamChiang, F.K.; 薛富盛; Tsai, S.H.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.-