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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Phase transformations in copper oxide nanowiresHan, S.; Chen, H.Y.; Chu, Y.B.; Shih, H.C.-
-Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition carbon nanotubes for ethanol gas sensorsHu, C.T.; Liu, C.K.; Huang, M.W.; Syue, S.H.; Wu, J.M.; Chang, Y.S.; Yeh, J.W.; Shih, H.C.-
-The Preparation and High Photon-Sensing Properties of Fluorinated Tin Dioxide NanowiresLin, Y.H.; Huang, M.W.; Liu, C.K.; Chen, J.R.; Wu, J.M.; Shih, H.C.-
-Rapid formation of tungsten oxide nanobundles with controllable morphologyHsieh, Y.T.; Chen, U.S.; Hsueh, S.H.; Huang, M.W.; Shih, H.C.-
-Rapid identification of HBB gene mutations by high-resolution melting analysisShih, H.C.; 張天傑; Er, T.K.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, Y.S.; Liu, T.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-Rapid Synthesis of Bundled Tungsten Oxide Nanowires by Microwave Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Their Optical PropertiesHsieh, Y.T.; Hsueh, S.H.; Chen, U.S.; Huang, M.W.; Shih, H.C.-
-A research of hemoglobin gene disorders in TaiwanLin, H.J.; Shih, M.C.; Peng, C.T.; Liu, T.C.; Shih, H.C.; Chang, J.G.-
-Role of extrinsic atoms on the morphology and field emission properties of carbon nanotubesChan, L.H.; 薛富盛; Hong, K.H.; Xiao, D.Q.; Hsieh, W.J.; Lai, S.H.; Shih, H.C.; Lin, T.C.; Shieu, F.S.; Chen, K.J.; Cheng, H.C.-
-The strengthening mechanism of DLC film on silicon by MPECVDSung, S.L.; Guo, X.J.; Huang, K.P.; Chen, F.R.; Shih, H.C.-
-Structure and characterization of the multilayered Ti-DLC films by FCVALin, Y.H.; Lin, H.D.; Liu, C.K.; Huang, M.W.; Chen, J.R.; Shih, H.C.-
-Synthesis and characterization of the aligned hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanotubes by electron cyclotron resonance excitationTsai, S.H.; 薛富盛; Chiang, F.K.; Tsai, T.G.; Shieu, F.S.; Shih, H.C.-
-Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Nanoslab Bundles by Microwave Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionHsieh, Y.T.; Hsueh, S.H.; Chen, U.S.; Huang, M.W.; Shih, H.C.-
-Trench gap-tilling copper by ion beam sputter depositionHan, S.; Lee, T.L.; Yang, C.J.; Shih, H.C.-
-Ultrahigh-Density beta-Ga2O3/N-doped beta-Ga2O3 Schottky and p-n Nanowire Junctions: Synthesis and Electrical Transport PropertiesChang, L.W.; Li, C.F.; Hsieh, Y.T.; Liu, C.M.; Cheng, Y.T.; Yeh, J.W.; Shih, H.C.-