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-A Study of Streamwater Quality in the Chungliao Creek of Liukuei Experimental ForestJeen-Lian Hwong; 黃正良; Chiung-Pin Liou; Chiung-Piau Huang; Shyue-Cherng Liaw; 劉瓊霦; 黃瓊彪; 廖學誠-
-A Study on the Residents' Awareness, Interactive Relationship, and Management Suggestion for the Lover River Greenway in Kaohsiung City林佩瑩; Pei-Ying Lin; 廖學誠; Shyue-Cherng Liaw
-南投縣五城社區民眾參與溪流保育組織運作與居民反應之研究廖學誠; Shyue-Cherng Liaw; 賴玉芳; Yu-Fang Lai
-台灣杉造林地溪流水化學的研究Chiung-Pin Liou; 劉瓊霦; Jeen-Lian Hwong; Shyue-Cherng Liaw; Hen-Biau King; 廖學誠; 金恆鑣; 黃正良-
-水里溪上游集水區土地利用與溪流水中硝酸鹽濃度關係之探討葉春國; Chun-Kuo Yeh; 廖學誠; 詹進發; 黃正良; 薛美莉; Shyue-Cherng Liaw; Jihn-Fa Jan; Jeen-Lian Hwong; Mei-Li Hsueh
-水里溪上游集水區檳榔園熱點空間分析之研究葉春國; 莊永忠; 廖學誠; Chun-Kuo Yeh; Yung-Chung Chuang; Shyue-Cherng Liaw
-汐止地區店家的洪患災害識覺及調適行為之研究Shyue-Cherng Liaw; 廖學誠; Wei-Shiu Lin; 林韋秀