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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Robust fuzzy control for a plant with fuzzy linear modelTao, C.W.; 陶金旭; Taur, J.S.-
-Segmentation of psoriasis vulgaris images using multiresolution-based orthogonal subspace techniquesTaur, J.S.; 陶金旭; Lee, G.H.; Tao, C.W.; Chen, C.C.; Yang, C.W.-
-Texture classification using a fuzzy texture spectrum and neural networksTaur, J.S.; 陶金旭; Tao, C.W.-
-A two-stage design of adaptive fuzzy controllers for time-delay systems with unknown modelsTaur, J.S.; 陶金旭; Lee, G.H.; Tao, C.W.-
-Vector quantisation index compression based on a Coding Tree Assignment Scheme with Improved Search-Order Coding algorithmsTaur, J.S.; Liu, Y.C.; Lee, G.H.; Tao, C.W.-