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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Identification of Anoectochilus formosanus and Anoectochilus koshunensis species with RAPD markersCheng, K.T.; Fu, L.C.; Wang, C.S.; Hsu, F.L.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Identification of ESTs differentially expressed in green and albino mutant bamboo (Bambusa edulis) by suppressive subtractive hybridization (SSH) and microarray analysisLin, C.S.; 陳健尉; Lai, Y.H.; Sun, C.W.; Liu, N.T.; Tsay, H.S.; Chang, W.C.; Chen, J.J.W.-
-In vitro micropropagation and ex vitro acclimation of Bupleurum kaoi - An endangered medicinal plant native to TaiwanChen, U.C.; Hsia, C.N.; Yeh, M.S.; Agrawal, D.C.; Tsay, H.S.-
-In vitro production of benzylisoquinoline from Stephania tetrandra through callus culture under the influence of different additivesKuo, C.L.; Chang, J.Y.; Chang, H.C.; Gupta, S.K.; Chan, H.S.; Chen, E.C.F.; Tsay, H.S.-
-In vitro propagation by asymbiotic seed germination and 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity studies of tissue culture raised plants of three medicinally important species of DendrobiumLo, S.F.; Nalawade, S.M.; Mulabagal, V.; Matthew, S.; Chen, C.L.; Kuo, C.L.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Internal Transcribed Spacer Sequence Based Identification and Phylogenic Relationship of Herba DendrobiiWu, C.T.; Gupta, S.K.; Wang, A.Z.M.; Lo, S.F.; Kuo, C.L.; Ko, Y.J.; Chen, C.L.; Hsieh, C.C.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Isolation and quantitative analysis of cryptotanshinone, an active quinoid diterpene formed in callus of Salvia miltiorrhiza BUNGEWu, C.T.; Mulabagal, V.; Nalawade, S.M.; Chen, C.L.; Yang, T.F.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Micropropagation of Polygonum multiflorum THUNB and quantitative analysis of the anthraquinones emodin and physcion formed in in vitro propagated shoots and plantsLin, L.C.; Nalawade, S.M.; Mulabagal, V.; Yeh, M.S.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Studies on the production of some important secondary metabolites from medicinal plants by plant tissue culturesVanisree, M.; Lee, C.Y.; Lo, S.F.; Nalawade, S.M.; Lin, C.Y.; Tsay, H.S.-
-T-DNA activation tagging as a tool to isolate Salvia miltiorrhiza transgenic lines for higher yields of tanshinonesLee, C.Y.; 陳健尉; Agrawal, D.C.; Wang, C.S.; Yu, S.M.; Chen, J.J.W.; Tsay, H.S.-