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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Partially blind threshold signature based on RSAChien, H.Y.; Jan, J.K.; Tseng, Y.M.-
-A practical (t, n) multi-secret sharing schemeChien, H.Y.; Jan, J.K.; Tseng, Y.M.-
-A scheme and concept for limited inheritance of privileges in a user hierarchyTseng, Y.M.; Jan, J.K.-
-Security of digital signature with one-time pair of keysTseng, Y.M.; Jan, J.K.; Chien, H.Y.-
-Solving the invalid signer-verified signature problem and comments on Xia-You group signatureChien, H.Y.; Jan, J.K.; Tseng, Y.M.-
-Stability of metal oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutionsTso, C.P.; Zhung, C.M.; Shih, Y.H.; Tseng, Y.M.; Wu, S.C.; Doong, R.A.-
-Two integrated schemes of user authentication and access control in a distributed computer networkJan, J.K.; Tseng, Y.M.-
-A unified approach to secret sharing schemes with low distribution costChien, H.Y.; Jan, J.K.; Tseng, Y.M.-