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-(Int. J. of Logistics Systems and Management,03(2):235-251)Milk Supply Chain Management in the Tier of Retailers and Customers-a Comparison Between Taiwan and GermanyTzong-Ru Lee; Shiou-Yu Chen; Johannes Simons
-(Int. J. Services and Operations Management,03(1):095-110)Using Optimization and simulation technology to apply marketing-Oriented concept for managing a supply chainTzong-Ru Lee; Chung-Chieh Wu
-(International Journal of Enterprise Network Management(IJENM),01(1):041-061)Application of the System Thinking Approach in ERP Implementation for Flower Chain-stores Owned by a Taiwanese Enterprise in ChinaTzong-Ru Lee; Jia-Chang Hu; Zhan-Mou Lee
-(International Journal of Enterprise Network Management,01(2):179-195)Utilising Quality Function Deployment to Select Customer Voice-Based Quality Improvement Technique for 3PL CompaniesTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin
-(International Journal of Enterprise Network Management,03(1):073-092)Improvement of Service Quality of Recreational Fish Market: Case study of Youg-An Fish Market in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Shuchih Chang; Ching-Yu Huang; Hsiao-Chen Wu
-(International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation,01(3-4):282-297)A Marketing Paradigm for Successful Lean ImplementationRapinder Sawhney; Tzong-Ru Lee; Hsiao-Chen Wu; Shiou-Yu Chen
-(International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development,05(3):356-369)The Corresponding Strategic Marketing Mix to the Relationships between National Culture and Consumer ValueShiou-Yu Chen; Tzong-Ru Lee
-(International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC),07(1):117-132)Adoption of Mobile Location-Based Services with ZMETTzong-Ru Lee; Shiou-Yu Chen; Shiau-Ting Wang; Shuchih Ernest Chang
-(International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management,38(8):616-636)A Comparative Assessment of Domestic and International Supplier-Customer Relationship PerceptionsLloyd M Rinehart; Tzong-Ru Lee-
-(International Journal of Services and Operations Management,05(5):617-636)COG:Composite Genetic Algorithm with Local Search Methods to solve mixed vehicle routing problem with backhauls-Application for Public Health Care SystemS. P. Anbuudayasankar; K. Ganesh; Tzong-Ru Lee; K. Mohabdas
-(International Journal of Value Chain Management (IJVCM),03(3):241-262)Enhancing The Value of Innovative Development Community Through Virtual Community PerspectiveJiun-Hung Lin; Tzong-Ru Lee; Ching-Ya Hu
-(International Journal of Value Chain Management,01(2):159-174)Development of an Information System to Integrate the Manufacturing Firm and Its Supplier Base for Reduced Nonconforming PartsAbhishek Padiyar; Rapinder Sawhney; Tzong-Ru Lee; S. C. Lenny Koh
-(International Journal of Value Chain Management,01(3):266-280)Strategising Customer Voice-Based Quality Improvement for Logistics Service ProvidersTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin
-(International Journal of Value Chain Management,02(2):269-285)Analyzing the Competitive Advantage for the Operating Model of Phalaenopsis Aphrodite Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin; Be-You Din; S.C. Lenny Koh; Hui-Chuan Chen
-(Journal of Technology Management,09(1):035-056)To Discuss the Airline Service Quality in Taiwan by Applying the Quality Function DevelopmentTzong-Ru Lee; Ya-Chuan Lin-
-The Key Factors to Develop Branding for Taiwan Manufacturers by Applying Supply Chain Management Concept-Examples of Taiwan Sewing Machine Manufacturers段宗瑜; Tuan, Tsung-Yu-
-A Logistical Information System to Improve Performance of Flower Classification,Distribution and Market PriceTzong-Ru Lee; Chung-Hao Chen; Shing-Chi Chang-
-A Marketing Paradigm for Successful Lean ImplementationRapinder Sawhney; Tzong-Ru Lee; Hsiao-Chen Wu; Shiou-Yu Chen-
-New perspective on competition--driving dynamic learning competitive capabilityTzong-Ru Lee-
-(Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development,Management Challenges in Times of Global Change and Uncertainty,03: p1670-p1676)A Voice of Customer Based Logistics Quality Improvement Through Quality Function Deployment PerspectiveTzong-Ru Lee; Jing-Hung Lin-