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-Effect of temperature on energy loss and internal friction in nanocrystalline copper thin filmsWang, Yu-Ting; Tong, Chi-Jia; Shieh, Yun-Fu; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Hsieh, Fan-Chun; Lin, Ming-Tzer-
-Establishing an Assessment Model for the Resilient Capacity of Slopeland Communities-for Taichung and Nantou Counties王俞婷; Wang, Yu-Ting-
-Overexpression of optic atrophy 1 protein increases cisplatin resistance via inactivation of caspase-dependent apoptosis in lung adenocarcinoma cellsFang, Hsin-Yuan; Chen, Chih-Yi; Chiou, Shiow-Her; Wang, Yu-Ting; Lin, Tze-Yi; Chang, Hui-Wen; Chiang, I-Ping; Lan, Kuo-Jung; Chow, Kuan-Chih-
-Planar copper-tin inter-metallic film formation on strained substratesHsu, Feng-Chih; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Wang, Yu-Ting; Lin, Ming-Tzer; Chen, Chih-Ming-
-Rise of Pro-environment Awareness! Do You Use Green Cup?王郁婷; Wang, Yu-Ting-
-The study of internal friction in nanocrystalline Ag and Au thin filmsHsu, Feng-Chih; Wang, Yu-Ting; Cheng, Ya-Chi; Tong, Chi-Jia; Lin, Ming-Tzer-
-中日蛇故事類型比較研究Wang, Yu-Ting; 王玉婷-
-台灣二氧化碳減量多目標決策之研究王妤莛; Wang, Yu-Ting-
-染料敏化太陽能電池材料之製備與元件之探討王瑜婷; Wang, Yu-Ting-
-視神經萎縮蛋白1在肺癌之表現與其生物意義王俞婷; Wang, Yu-Ting-