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-Analysis and architecture design of a downlink M-modification MC-CDMA system using the Tomlinson-Harashima precoding techniqueLin, K.H.; Chen-Hao, R.; Lin, H.L.; Wu, C.F.-
-Anti-invasion effects of 6-shogaol and 6-gingerol, two active components in ginger, on human hepatocarcinoma cellsWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Wu, C.F.; Huang, H.W.; Ho, C.T.; Yen, G.C.-
-Antifibrotic effects of tetrandrine on hepatic stellate cells and rats with liver fibrosisHsu, Y.C.; Chiu, Y.T.; Cheng, C.C.; Wu, C.F.; Lin, Y.L.; Huang, Y.T.-
-Assessing impacts of typhoons and the Chi-Chi earthquake on Chenyulan watershed landscape pattern in Central Taiwan using landscape metricsLin, Y.P.; Chang, T.K.; Wu, C.F.; Chiang, T.C.; Lin, S.H.-
-Evaluating and Mapping of Spatial Air Ion Quality Patterns in a Residential Garden Using a Geostatistic MethodWu, C.F.; Lai, C.H.; Chu, H.J.; Lin, W.H.-
-Evaluation of Anti-invasion Effect of Resveratrol and Related Methoxy Analogues on Human Hepatocarcinoma CellsWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Wu, C.F.; Huang, H.W.; Wu, C.H.; Ho, C.T.; Yen, G.C.-
-Hotspot Analysis of Spatial Environmental Pollutants Using Kernel Density Estimation and Geostatistical TechniquesLin, Y.P.; Chu, H.J.; Wu, C.F.; Chang, T.K.; Chen, C.Y.-
-A hybrid scheme for comparing the effects of bird diversity conservation approaches on landscape patterns and biodiversity in the Shangan sub-watershed in TaiwanWu, C.F.; Lin, Y.P.; Lin, S.H.-
-Improvement of the outcoupling efficiency of an organic light-emitting device by attaching microstructured filmsLin, H.Y.; 戴慶良; Lee, J.H.; Wei, M.K.; Dai, C.L.; Wu, C.F.; Ho, Y.H.; Wu, T.C.-
-Isotropic air-interface technologies for fourth generation wireless communicationsChen, H.H.; Lin, J.X.; Chu, S.W.; Wu, C.F.; Chen, G.S.-
-Modeling of riparian vegetated buffer strip width and placement - A case study in Shei Pa National Park, TaiwanLin, Y.F.; 林昭遠; Lin, C.Y.; Chou, W.C.; Lin, W.T.; Tsai, J.S.; Wu, C.F.-
-Naturally occurring flavonoids attenuate high glucose-induced expression of proinflammatory cytolkines in human monocytic THP-1 cellsWu, C.H.; 顏國欽; Wu, C.F.; Huang, H.W.; Jao, Y.C.; Yen, G.C.-
-Predictive ability of logistic regression, auto-logistic regression and neural network models in empirical land-use change modeling - a case studyLin, Y.P.; Chu, H.J.; Wu, C.F.; Verburg, P.H.-
-Properties of Bacillus subtilis sigma(A) factors with region 1.1 and the conserved Arg-103 at the N terminus of region 1.2 deletedHsu, H.H.; Huang, W.C.; Chen, J.P.; Huang, L.Y.; Wu, C.F.; Chang, B.Y.-