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-The effects of sulfasalazine on homocysteine metabolismWu, Yi-Ting; 吳伊婷-
-Long-Term Prednisolone Treatments Increase Bioactive Vitamin B(6) Synthesis In VivoChang, Hsin-Yueh; Jason, T.C.Tzen; Lin, Su-Jen; Wu, Yi-Ting; Chiang, En-Pei Isabel-
-The Relationship among Certification Label Cognition, Health Belief, Message Credibility, and Purchase Behavior toward Health FoodsWu, Yi-Ting; 吳依亭-
-台灣地區犬隻感染巴東體屬細菌之流行病學探討吳伊婷; Wu, Yi-Ting-