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-(Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.,293(4):F1115-1122)Descending facilitation of spinal NMDA-dependent reflex potentiation from pontine tegmentum in ratsG. D. Chen; H. Y. Peng; K. C. Tung; C. L. Cheng; Y. J. Chen; J. M. Liao; Y. C. Ho; S. F. Pan; M. J. Chen; T. B. Lin
-(Applied Mathematics and Computation,215(1):384-394)Comparative Analysis of Availability between Three Systems with General Repair Times,Reboot Delay and Switching FailuresK. H. Wang; Y. J. Chen-
-(Arch Dermatol., 144(12): 1571-1575)Psoriasis independently associated with hyperleptinemia contributing to metabolic syndromeY. J. Chen; C. Y. Wu; J. L. Shen; S. Y. Chu; C. K. Chen; Y. T. Chang; C. M. Chen-
-(Cancer Biol. Ther.,07(5):777-782)Nuclear Krüppel-like factor 4 expression is associated with human skin squamous cell carcinoma progression and metastasisY. J. Chen; C. Y. Wu; C. C. Chang; C. J. Ma; M. C. Li; C. M. Chen-
-Characterization of the AdoMet-dependent guanylyltransferase activity that is associated with the N terminus of bamboo mosaic virus replicaseY. I. Li; Y. J. Chen; Y. H. Hsu; M. Meng-
-(J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 60(2):225-230)Elevated plasma osteopontin level is associated with occurrence of psoriasis and is an unfavorable cardiovascular risk factor in patients with psoriasisY. J. Chen; J. L. Shen; C. Y. Wu; S. Y. Chu; Y. T. Chang; C. M. Chen; F. Y. Lee-
-(Journal of American Chemical Society,130(33):10929-10938)Nitric oxide physiological responses and delivery mechanisms probed by water-soluble Roussin's red ester and {Fe(NO)2}10 DNICY. J. Chen; W. C. Ku; L. T. Feng; M. L. Tsai; C. H. Hsieh; W. H. Hsu; W. F. Liaw; C. H. Hung; Y. J. Chen-
-(Proceedings of the 11th Joint Annual Meeting of Cancer Research, A-I-20)Human VEGF overexpression in lung tissue of transgenic mice regulated by the promoter of clara cellP. W. Huang; H. C. Ho; Y. J. Chen; C. M. Chen-
-(Proceedings of the 14th Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference: Molecular Oncology- Pushing Cancer Management, A step forward, A1-19)Characterization of B domain-deleted recombinant human factor VIII in transgenic pigsY. C. Chang; H. L. Chen; Y. J. Chen; C. M. Chen-
-(Vaccine, 26(23):2882-2889)Expression of VP1 protein in the milk of transgenic mice: A potential oral vaccine protects against enterovirus 71 infectionH. L. Chen; J. Y. Huang; T. W. Chu; T. C. Tsai; C. M. Hung; C. C. Lin; L. C. Wang; Y. J. Chen; M. F. Lin; C. M. Chen-