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-(11 th International Symposium on Virus Disease of Ornamntal Plants)Serological and genomic characterization of a Hibiscus-infecting tobamovirus in TaiwanY. K. Chen; T. C. Chen; F. L. Liu; S. D. Yeh; H. J. Bau; H. T. Hsu-
-(Phytopathology,98:848-856)Characterization of a new pathotype of Papaya leaf-distortion mosaic virus overcoming the transgenic resistance to Papaya ringspot virusH. J. Bau; Y. J. J. A. J. Kung; S. J. Chan; C. H. Chen; Y. K. Chen; H. W. Wu; S. D. Yeh-
-(Plant Pathol. Bull.,13:283-290)Serological and molecular characterizations of a hibiscus-infecting tobamovirus in TaiwanF. L. Liu; T. C. Chen; S. D. Yeh; H. T. Hsu; C. C. Chen; H. J. Bau; Y. K. Chen