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-Exploring Long Term Spatial Vegetation Trends in Taiwan from AVHRR NDVI3g Dataset Using RDA and HCA AnalysesHui Ping Tsai; Yu-Hao Lin; Ming-Der Yang; 蔡慧萍
-Facile Synthesis and Characterization of N-Doped TiO2 Photocatalyst and Its Visible-Light Activity for Photo-Oxidation of EthyleneYu-Hao Lin; Chih-Huang Weng; Arun Lal Srivastav; Yao-Tung Lin; Jing-Hua Tzeng
-Spent tea leaves: A new non-conventional and low-cost biosorbent for ethylene removalJing-Hua Tzeng; Chih-Huang Weng; Jenn-Wen Huang; Yu-Hao Lin; Chung-Wei Lai; Yao-Tung Lin
-The Carbon Impact of International Tourists to an Island CountryKang-Ting Tsai; 蔡岡廷; Tzu-Ping Lin; Yu-Hao Lin; Chien-Hung Tung; Yi-Ting Chiu