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-Screen-printed ionic liquid/preanodized carbon electrode: Effective detection of dopamine in the presence of high concentration of ascorbic acidChang, Jen-Lin; Wei, Guor-Tzo; Zen, Jyh-Myng-
-Simultaneous detection of NADH and H2O2 using flow injection analysis based on a bifunctional poly(thionine)-modified electrodeBaskar, Selvaraj; Chang, Jen-Lin; Zen, Jyh-Myng-
-Single-Run Electrochemical Determination of Melamine in Dairy Products and Pet FoodsLiao, Chen-Wei; Chen, Yue-Ru; Chang, Jen-Lin; Zen, Jyh-Myng-
-Tetracycline Immobilization as Hydroquinone Derivative at Dissolved Oxygen Reduction Potential on Multiwalled Carbon NanotubeKumar, Annamalai Senthil; Sornambikai, Sundaram; Venkatesan, Shanmuganathan; Chang, Jen-Lin; Zen, Jyh-Myng-
-拋棄式電鍍金屬網版印刷電極在分析化學的應用楊智超; Yang, Chih-Chio-
-網版印刷環盤電極在電分析化學上的應用張家禎; Chang, Chia-Chen-