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-The Application of Biosurfactants in Bioremediation林松池-
-Application of Learning Style Theory to the Design of Engineering Education in Taiwan's College徐善慧-
-Application of Perfusion Fermentation on the High Cell Density Culture for r E. Coli Producing Penicillin G Acylase(II)劉永銓-
-Development of the Perfusion Fermentation Process to Cultivate Polyporus Umbellatus for Exopolysaccharide Production(II)劉永銓-
-Extraction and Separation of Catechins by Using Supercritical CO/sub 2/ through Absorption and Adsorption Processes張傑明-
-Extraction Separation of Hydrophobic Substances Using Surfactant-Immobilized Anion-Exchange Membranes孫幸宜-
-In vitro and in vivo Folding of Recombinant Protein林松池-
-Molecularly Engineered Dendritic Polymers for Electro-Optical Modulation鄭如忠-
-Order-Disorder Transition Behavior of Block Copolymers and Block Copolymer/Oligomer Blends, Applications for Processing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives何榮銘-
-Preparation of Multi-Function Nano-Wound Dressing by γ-Ray Irradiation and Development of Artificial Skin for Tissue Engineering Application徐善慧-
-Recovery of High Valuable Compounds from Deodorizer Scum by Using Supercritical Fluids Extraction (II)張傑明; 楊博文-
-Studies of Reaction Dynamics and Mechanical Properties of the Ball Grid Array (BGA) Solder Joints Using Cu-Cored Solder Balls陳志銘-
-Study of Ion Implanted/Conductive Viscoelastic Materials吳震裕-
-Syntheses and Applications of .alpha.- and .beta.-Isocyanato-Styrenes戴憲弘-
-Synthesis and Characterization of Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels and Their Potential Applications as Drug Carriers邱信程-
-Synthesis of Novel Bimetallic Catalyst Electrodes Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications鄭紀民-
-Using Supercritical Fluids Extraction: Improving the Content of Unsaturated Fatty Acids and the Quality of Soft Shell Turtle Fish Oil, and Its Biological Activity張傑明; 徐士蘭-
-Water-Bone and Negative-Work Photo-Resist and Its Kinetics of Photo-Polymerization with Organic Nano-Particle(II)鄭文桐-