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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Approximation Solutions for Monge-Ampere Equations(II)郭紅珠-
-Buoyancy and Surface Tension Instability in a Variable Viscosity Fluid with a Deformably Free Surface賈明益-
-Detecting the Sphere Ring Shapes by Fuzzy Method李宗寶-
-DNA 相關言語的研究喻石生 -
-Estimating the Number of Change Points in a Sequence of Independent Normal Random Variables with Unequal Means or Variances李宗寶-
-Estimating the Number of Shared Species in Two Assemblages by Means of the Estimator of Species Richness in One Assemblage沈宗荏-
-Estimating the Population Total for Unequal Probability Sampling with Replacement沈宗荏-
-Estimation of the Overlap Index in Two Communities沈宗荏-
-A Fast Numerical Algorithm in Image Reconstruction(I)施因澤-
-Forced Vibration and Random Vibration Analysis of Beams Carrying a Two Degree-of-Freedom Spring-Mass System張太平-
-HIV Transmission Dynamics Model for Asia謝英恒-
-Lanczos Method for Bifurcation Problems with Symmetries簡澄陞-
-Liapunov-Schmidt Reduction and Continuation for Reaction-Diffusion Systems簡澄陞; 施因澤-
-Library Service郭紅珠-
-Library Service (II)李源泉-
-Library Service(I)李源泉-
-Longitudinal Data Analysis Using the Linear Mixed-Effects Model with Autocorrelated Multivariate Skew Normal Errors林宗儀; 李昭勝-
-Low Dimensional Global Bifurcations in Infinite Pendulum Chain許訓評-