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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-2-D Strongly Correlated Electron Systems and Quantum Hall Effect林中一; 林泓均-
-Ab Initio Calculation of the Binding Energies and Bond Lengths of the Two or Three-Atom Molecules廖思善-
-Anomalous Diffusion in Disordered Media曾玄哲; 陳宏榮; 周建和-
-Anomalous Diffusions in Hamiltonian Chaos曾玄哲; 周建和-
-The Application of Chaos Theory to Classical Scattering, Transport and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics(II)曾玄哲; 李秉政; 陳宏榮; 周建和-
-Application of Self-Consistent-Field Theory to Polymeric Assemblies(I)阮俊人-
-Biophysical Study of Circadian Rhythm in Cyanobacteria(II)阮俊人-
-Characterization of Lipid Raft Domain Formation and Their Dynamics in Giant Vesicles-A Bilayer Membrane Mode施明智-
-The Cluster Behavior of Minority Game陳宏榮; 周建和; 曾玄哲-
-Coexistence of Long-Range Orderings in the Ceramic Oxides藍明德-
-Constrainted Condition Deirved from Top Mass in Supersymmetric Models陳家駒-
-Dipole Oscillator Strengths for the Alkali-like Ions廖思善-
-Effect of Hydrogenation on Oxide Superconductors李明威-
-Elliptic Orbitals of Atoms廖思善-
-Entropy Production and Transports in Nonequilibrium Systems曾玄哲; 陳宏榮; 李秉政-
-Environmental Effects on Superconducting Quantum Bits(I)郭華丞-
-Environmental Effects on Superconducting Quantum Bits(II)郭華丞-
-Environmental Effects on Superconducting Quantum Bits(III)郭華丞-
-Fabrication, and High-Frequency and Magneto Transport Properties of Quantum Nanoelectronic Devices(I)孫允武; 吳仲卿-