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-Crystallization and Melting Behavior of Poly(L-lactide) under spherical microdomain confinement: From hard confinement to soft confinement鍾才明; Chung, Tasi-Ming-
-Crystallization behavior of crystalline block copolymer:the effect of glass transition temperature and segregation strength李宜桓-
-Crystallization Behavior of microphase-separated PS-PLLA lamellae:From hard confinement to soft confinement蔡奇均; Tsai, Chi-Chun-
-Crystallization Effects on the Morphology of PS-PLLA: from Hard Confinement to Soft Confinement林芳禾; Lin, Fang-Ho-
-Crystallization-induced orientation for microstructures of PS-PLLATSENG, WEN-HSIEN; 曾文賢-
-Metastability Studies of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Polymorphism林建邦; Lin, Chien-Pang-
-Morphology and Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ε-polycaprolactone) in Physically Confinement Environment蔣酉旺; Chiang, Yeo-Wan-
-Order-Disorder Transition Behavior of Block Copolymers and Block Copolymer/Oligomer Blends, Applications for Processing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives何榮銘-
-sPS與PS-PEP混摻系統中高分子結晶與微觀相分離趨動力之競爭與互動cheng, Chuang chun; 張俊誠-
-Studies of Morphological Observations and Crystallization Mechanisms for Polyether-Polyester Segmented Block Copolymers with Amide Linkages紀志偉; Chi, Chih-Wei-
-結晶誘導PCL-PLLA團聯共聚合物之奈米微結構的形態分析與探討謝秉諺; Hsieh, Ping-Yen-