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-Assessment of Genetic Diversity among Persimmon Germplasms by RAPD Markers and Morphological Traits湯佳裕; Jia-Yu Tang; 倪正柱; 嚴新富; 溫英杰; Hsin-Fu Yen; Ien-Chie Wen; Cheng-Chu Nee
-The Cultivation & Analysis of Fruits with Super Vitamin C倪正柱-
-Effect of Different Sources of Shoot on Tea Cutting Propagation曹碧貴; Bi-Kui Tsao; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-The Effects of Spent Mushroom Compost on the Growth of Petunia陳虹君; Hung-Jeng Chen; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Forcing Culture of the Chinese Cherry (Prunus pseudocerasus Lindl.)吳文貴; Wen-Guei Wu; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Identification of Lettuce Germplasm by PCR-Markers Analysis倪正柱-
-Overcoming Apical Dominance by CyanamideLeslie H. Fuchigami; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Pear Germplasm Preservation by Interstock Grafting傅文倩; Wen-Chien Fu; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Studies on Fruit Bud Dormancy and Regulation of Production Time of Heng Shang Pear(Pyrus serotina Rehd.)倪正柱; Cheng-chu Nee
-Studies on the Changes in Composition of Taiwan Kiwifruit during Fruit Development周慧娜; Hui-Na Chou; 區少梅; 倪正柱; Andi Shau-mei Ou; Cheng-Chu Nee
-Studies on the Top-Working with Flower Buds of 'Fuyu' Persimmon劉雲聰; Yun-Tsong Liou; 倪正柱; Cheng-Chu Nee
-不同插穗來源對茶樹扦插成活之影響曹碧貴; Tsao, Bi-Kui-
-不同新世紀梨接穗寄接低海拔梨砧生產試驗翁慎微; Shen-Wei Weng; 倪正柱; 羅時晟; Chen-Chu Nee; Shih-Sheng Lo
-不同海拔硬齒獼猴桃平地越夏光合相關能力之表現范耀驊; 倪正柱
-中國櫻桃(Prunus pseudocerasus Lindl.)促成栽培吳文貴; Wu, Wen-Guei-
-中興3 號'獼猴桃(Actinidia deliciosa)繁殖之探討周慧娜; 倪正柱; 李秀崑
-'中興三號'與'中興四號'獼猴桃採收適期之研究Ming-Ann Wu; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Siesh; Cheng-Chu Nee; 倪正柱; 吳明安
-‘中興三號’、‘中興四號’獼猴桃採收適期與貯藏之研究吳明安; Wu, Ming-Ann-
-低海拔地區新世紀梨之春果生產試驗翁慎微; Shen-Wei Weng; 倪正柱; 羅時晟; Chen-Chu Nee; Shih-Sheng Lo
-低海拔梨花穗品質與高接果實發育關係之研究張祐銘; Chang, You-Min-