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-Aspergillus niger 於酸麵糰製作麵包生長模式之探討黃洛琪; Huang, Lo-Chi-
-Determination of γ-Aminobutyric Acid from Developing Bean Sprouts, Active Brown Rice, GABA Tea and GABA Capsules Using High-Performance Liquid ChromatograpgyChen, Shiau-Huei; 陳筱慧-
-The Effect of Added Orange (Liu-Cheng) Pomace on the texture of NoodlesLiao, Chia-Wen; 廖嘉文-
-The Effect of Orange Pomace (Pulp) Contents on the Bread Making劉曉薇; Liu, Shiau-Wei-
-Renewable Vegetable Fuels (Biodiesel Synthesis and Production): Quantifying Biodiesel Production Undergoing High Speed Mixing Using HomogenizerYeh, Chun-Hung; 葉俊宏-
-Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Dopamine Contents in Banana, Rhizome and Chinese Herbs洪明芬; Hong, Ming-Fen-
-Studies on enzymatic hydrolysis of pressed orange peel and anaerobic alcohol fermentation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Chan, Wan-Ling; 詹婉菱-
-Studies the effects of sheeting times and added gluten contents on the rheological properties of reconstituted rice dough and the quality of rice noodlesChi, Cheng-Yang; 祁正揚-
-The study of improving GABA content in soybean sprouts, sprouts milk and sour dough.陳宜欣; Chen, Yi-Shin-
-The study of the processing of sourdough bread using the culture of natural microorganisms from fruit fermented liquid (I): refrigerated starter in bag method王意雯; Wang, Yi-wen-
-Study the tyrosinase inhibition from the alcohol extract of red bean coats and grape skinsLu, Shuen-chiou; 盧春秀-
-Using immobilized Lactobacillus casei to produce lactic acid during soybean hydrolysate fermentation劉淑慧; Liou, Shu-Huei-
-乳酸菌於糖化山藥漿液生長條件之探討朱巧蓉; Chu, Chiao-Jung-
-乳酸菌發酵低澱粉含量山藥液之製備鄭怡姍; Chen, Yi-Shan-
-以Lactobacillus casei在批式及饋料批式方法下利用黃豆水解液產製乳酸廖雯怜; Liao, Wen-Ling-
-冷凍濃縮效率之探討陳學芬; Hsueh-Fen Chen
-利用HPLC-ELSD對三酸甘油酯種類分析方法之建立辜鈺惠; Ku, Yu-Hui-
-利用Lactobacillus casei在批式及饋料批式方法下產製乳酸並探討發酵期間成份之變化葉例雅; Yeh, Li-Ya-