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-Applying Virtual Reality to the Study of Stone Arrangement Momenta in Japanese Gardens李逢格; Feng-Ke Li; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮; Ker-Chang Fu; Sheng-Junng Ou
-Effects of Riding Motivation on the Importance of Environmental Attributes for Bicycle Trail林建堯; Jan-Yau Lin; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮; Ker-Chang Fu; Sheng-Jung Ou
-Studies on Children's Playing Facilities of Taichung City傅克昌; Lok-Chien Lin; 林樂健; Ker-Chang Fu
-A Study of Visitors' Behavior in Tung-Shih Forest Station歐聖榮; Sheng-Jung Ou; 傅克昌; 浦心蕙; Ker-Chang Fu; Hsin-Hui Pu
-A Study on the Affective Effects of Colors for Six Ornamental PlantsSheng-Jung Ou; 陳博仁; Po-Jen Chen; Ker-Chang Fu; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮
-園馥 第23期彭昌祜; 劉富文; 黃敏展; 范念慈; 傅克昌; 安; 園馥編輯組; 林慧玲; 許書國; 陳憲榮
-臺中市兒童遊戲設施之研究傅克昌; Fu, Ke-Chang-
-遊客對生態旅遊地設施及服務偏好之研究Yun-Yin Hsiao; 蕭芸殷; Sheng-Junng Ou; Ker-Chang Fu; 傅克昌; 歐聖榮