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-(95年度學術論文發表論文集(上),p355-p364)竹醋液作為植物生長促進劑之應用陳莉鵑; 盧崑宗; 劉正字-
-(95年度學術論文發表論文集(下),p1097-p1106)漂流木製造木炭及木醋液之研發與農林作物之栽培利用(Ⅰ) 漂流木製造木炭與木醋液黃莉雯; 陳靜修; 盧崑宗; 劉正字; 顏江河-
-(95年度學術論文發表論文集(林產組/育林組),p085-p096)國產六大竹種之竹炭與竹醋液之製造周坤池; 盧崑宗; 劉正字-
-AA-NC Semi-IPNs木器塗料(1):酸硬化胺基醇酸樹脂之合成與特性盧崑宗; 劉正字; 林士棉
-AA-NC Semi-IPNs木器塗料(2):AA/NC組成對塗料與塗膜性質之影響盧崑宗; 劉正字; 林士棉
-AA-NC Semi-IPNs木器塗料:製備程序對塗料與塗膜性質之影響盧崑宗; 劉正字; 林士棉
-Chemically Modified Wood and It`s Gluing Properties (II)-The gluing properties of various etherified wood劉正字; 李文昭; 林福元; Cheng-Tzu L; Wen-Jau Lee; Fwu-Yuan Lin
-The Effect of Accelerating Curing by Adding catalyst to Polyurethane Coatings -(I)The Synthesis of Polyester Polyol Used for Polyurethane Coatings劉正字; 余啟瑞; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Chi-Ruey Yu
-The effect of gluing methods and modified adhesives in end-to-end grain joint on the properties of structural laminated wood張心怡; ZHANG, XIN-YI-
-The Effects of Gluing Methods and Modified Adhesives on the Properties of Structural Laminated Wood by End-to-End Grain Joint (Ⅲ)-The Effects of Various End-grain Joint Types and Adhesives Used on the Properties of Laminated Woods劉正字; 李文昭; 張心怡; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii; Shin-Yi Jang
-Effects of The Addition of Free Radical Initiators on The Water-resistance of Heat-setting PVAc Emulsion Adhesives劉正字; 劉昭呤; Cheng-Txu Liu; Chao-Yin Liu
-Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesive for Bonding of Wood with High Moisture Content(1) Moisture Control of Specimen and and its Related PropertiesCheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jan Lii; 劉正字; 李文昭
-The Manufacturing and Gluing Methods of Adhesives for High Moisture Content Wood -(3) Polyurethane Adhesive and Epoxy Resin Adhesive Used in High Moisture Content Wood劉正字; 李文昭; Cheng-Tzu Liu; Wen-Jau Lii
-NC為基質之半互穿型木器塗料之研究(3)-AA-NC SEMI-IPNS木器塗料劉正字
-NC為基質之半互透型木器塗料之研究(I)-PU-NC Semi-IPNs木器塗料劉正字
-NC為基質之半互透型木器塗料之研究(II)-PE-NC Semi-IPNS木器塗料劉正字
-PE-NC semi-IPNs木器塗料(1):塗料之可使用時間及乾燥性盧崑宗; 李文昭; 劉正字
-The Physical, Gluing and Coating Properties of PU impregnated woodChung, Ming-Yin; 鍾明吟-
-PU-NC Semi-IPNs 木器塗料之合成與性質試驗江燕秋-
-PU-NC Semi-IPNs 木器塗料之基礎研究盧崑宗; Lu, Kun-Tqung-