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-10%克蠅混合液對瓜實蠅之誘殺研究LIN, ZHI-XIANG; 林志祥-
-The Attractiveness of Volatile Constituents of Host Fruits to Bactrocera (Dacus) dorsalis (Hendel)(Diptera, Trypetidae)Shieh, Pei-Huei; 謝佩慧-
-The Effect of Temperature, Photoperiod and Crowding on the Alatae of馬又怡; Ma, Yu-Yi-
-Effects of High and Low Temperature Treatments on the Fatality of Eggs and Larvae of Melon Fly(Bactrocera cucurbitae, Diptera: Tephritidae) and the Analysis of Treated Muskmelon Quality紀雅文; Chi, Ya-Wen-
-Experimental Ecology of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)李學進; Lee, Shae-Jinn-
-Life table, oviposition preference, population fluctuation of Dacus dorsalis hendel based on the hostfruits factor effects黃莉欣; HUANG, LI-XIN-
-The morphology, life history, population parameters and population fluctuations of Bactrocera tau (Walker)林明瑩; Lin, Min-Ying-
-Studies on the fatal high and low temperatures to the eggs and larvae of Dacus dorsalis HendelZHU, JING-FENG; 朱靜鳳-
-Taxonomy of Caeciliusetae and Homilopsocidea (Psocoptera:Psocomorpha) from Taiwan and Analysis on the Ecological Characters of Psocoptera詹美鈴; Chan, Mei-Ling-
-偽菜蚜生命表、田間族群變動及其電腦模擬黃月芳; HUANG, YUE-FANG-
-南瓜實蠅之生態研究、田間族群變動及發生監測與防治劉玉章; 郭美華-
-南瓜實蠅之發生監測與防治郭美華; 劉玉章-
-台灣地區南瓜實蠅之分布、競爭、產卵偏好及其族群變動Lin, Ming-Ying; 林明瑩-
-天然植物對東方果實蠅之引誘Chang, Tsui-ying; 張萃瑛-
-引誘物質經微生物作用對東方果蠅之引誘效果Chang, Jui-Chun; 章瑞駿-
-日光蜂在不同溫度下之發育、繁殖、壽命與保存施智能; Shih, Chih-Neng-
-東方果實蠅之族群介量及田間族群變動陳雪惠; Chen, Xue-Hui-
-東方果實蠅食物引誘劑之開發CHEN, WEN-HUA; 陳文華-