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-105±2℃不同加熱時間及儲藏溫度對軟質化高麗菜肉捲品質之影響陳思晴; Si-Qing Chen
-Bacillus licheniformis CCRC 14353和Bacillus licheniformis CCRC 11594之粗酵素對雞羽毛水解效果之評估陳庭柔; Chen, Ting-Rou-
-Biochemical characteristics of Micrococcus varians, Staphylococcus carnosus and Staphylococcus xylosus and their growth on Chinese-style beaker sausageGuo, H.L.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-Comparison of physical-chemical properties of type I collagen from different speciesLin, Y.K.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.-
-Comparison of the transglutaminase activity, rheological properties and microstructure of pig and poultry bloodTseng, T.F.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-Design+and+Evaluation+of+Online+HACCP+System+for+Poultry+Slaughter+HouseWeng, Shi-Shun; 翁士舜; Wang, Bin-Yeong; Tang, Fa-Jui; Liu, Deng-Cheng; Roan, Shii-Wen ; 王斌永; 譚發瑞; 劉登城; 阮喜文 
-Determination of quality changes throughout processing steps in Chinese-style pork jerkyChen, W.S.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Effect of hydroxyapatite contents and the concentration of EDC on the microstructural and biocompatibility of porous collagen/hydroxyapatite composite scaffoldI-Ching Chen; 陳怡菁
-Effect of replacing pork backfat with yams (Dioscorea alata) on quality characteristics of Chinese sausageTan, F.J.; 譚發瑞; Liao, F.Y.; Jhan, Y.J.; Liu, D.C.; 劉登城-
-Effect of various levels of rosemary or Chinese mahogany on the quality of fresh chicken sausage during refrigerated storageLiu, D.C.; 譚發瑞; Tsau, R.T.; Lin, Y.C.; Jan, S.S.; Tan, F.J.; 劉登城-
-Effect+of+Ractopamine+on+the+Performance+and+Carcass+Composition+of+Finishing+Swine陳明造; 劉登城
-Effects of addition of anka rice on the qualities of low-nitrite Chinese sausagesLiu, D.C.; 譚發瑞; Wu, S.W.; Tan, F.J.; 劉登城-
-Effects of pepsin digestion at different temperatures and times on properties of telopeptide-poor collagen from bird feetLin, Y.K.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.-
-Evaluation of the quality and germicidal action of fresh pork chop treated by spraying coated with Chinese mahogany (Toona sinensis) extracts during storage at 10±2℃Zih-Huan Lin; 林子桓
-Evaluation of the quality and microbial inhibition of sliced ham spray coated with Chinese mahogany (Toona sinensis) extracts and stored at 15±2℃ for 21 daysHuei-Chi Wei; 韋慧琦
-Evaluation of transglutaminase on the quality of low-salt chicken meat-ballsTseng, T.F.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.-
-Improving texture and storage stability of Chinese-Style pork jerky by the addition of humectantsChen, W.S.; 劉登城; Liu, D.C.; Chen, M.T.; Ockerman, H.W.-
-Nitrate reduction and pigment formation of Chinese-style sausage mixes caused by MicrococcaceaeGuo, H.L.; 劉登城; Chen, M.T.; Liu, D.C.-
-Optimum condition of extracting collagen from chicken feet and its characetristicsLiu, D.C.; 劉登城; Lin, Y.K.; Chen, M.T.-
-Streptoverticillium kentuckense CCRC 12429生產之麩醯基轉移純化、生化特性及應用葉雅玟; Yeh, Yea-Wen-