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-ABPs與肌動蛋白絲聚合及去聚合反應在人類WJCs進行脂肪分化之角色彭康維; Peng, Kang-Wei-
-Altered expression of cardiac myosin isozymes associated with the malignant hyperthermia genotype in swineLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Jiang, M.J.; Wu, M.C.-
-Binding potency of peptide fragments of type 1 collagen cross-linked N-telopeptide measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbant assayLung, F.D.T.; 劉英明; Chen, C.H.; Chen, H.Y.; Liou, C.C.; Liou, Y.M.-
-Calcium-dependent protein-protein interactions induce changes in proximity relationships of Cys48 and Cys64 in chicken skeletal troponin ILiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Chen, M.W.-
-Changes in thiol reactivity and extractability of myofibril bound cardiac troponin C in porcine malignant hyperthermiaLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Jiang, M.J.; Wu, M.C.-
-D-cycloserine對MPTP處理後之Wistar大鼠的類情境記憶缺陷之影響王安莉; Wang, An-Li-
-Differential effects of a green tea-derived polyphenol (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the acidosis-induced decrease in the Ca(2+) sensitivity of cardiac and skeletal muscleLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Kuo, S.C.; Hsieh, S.R.-
-Differential pH effect on calcium-induced conformational changes of cardiac troponin C complexed with cardiac and fast skeletal isoforms of troponin I and troponin TLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Chang, J.C.H.-
-Early development in Williams syndromeTsai, S.W.; 劉英明; Wu, S.K.; Liou, Y.M.; Shu, S.G.-
-Effect of l-caldesmon on osteoclastogenesis in RANKL-induced RAW264.7 cellsLiou, Ying-Ming; Chan, Chu-Lung; Huang, Renjian; Wang, Chih-Lueh A; 劉英明
-Effects of Genistein on beta-Catenin Signaling and Subcellular Distribution of Actin-Binding Proteins in Human Umbilical CD105-Positive Stromal CellsShieh, D.B.; 劉英明; Li, R.Y.; Lia, J.M.; Chen, G.D.; Liou, Y.M.-
-Effects of sarcomere length and Ca2+ binding on SH reactivity of myofilament bound troponin C in porcine skinned cardiac muscle fibersLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明-
-Electroacupuncture-induced pressor and chronotropic effects in anesthetized ratsLiao, J.M.; 劉英明; Ting, H.; Lee, S.D.; Yang, C.H.; Liou, Y.M.; Peng, M.L.; Tsai, S.J.; Lin, C.F.; Lin, T.B.-
-Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of the proximity changes between the central helix of troponin C and the C-terminus of troponin T from chicken skeletal muscleLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Chao, H.L.-
-Green tea extract given before regional myocardial ischemia-reperfusion in rats improves myocardial contractility by attenuating calcium overloadLiou, Y.M.; 劉英明; Hsieh, S.R.; Wu, T.J.; Chen, J.Y.-
-Green tea extract protects rats against myocardial infarction associated with left anterior descending coronary artery ligationHsieh, S.R.; 劉英明; Tsai, D.C.; Chen, J.Y.; Tsai, S.W.; Liou, Y.M.-
-H9c2大鼠心臟細胞Gelsolin影響細胞形態和caveolin訊號路徑抗雙氧水誘導的氧化壓力何舒婷; He, Shu-Ting-
-Involvement of NMDA receptors in both MPTP-induced neuroinflammation and deficits in episodic-like memory in Wistar ratsWang, A.L.; 劉英明; Liou, Y.M.; Pawlak, C.R.; Ho, Y.J.-
-Mechanistic Studies on Myocardial Protective Effects of Green Tea Polyphenols Using Different Animal Models of Myocardial Injury in Rats劉英明-
-MPTP Lesion Causes Neuroinflammation and Deficits in Object Recognition in Wistar RatsWang, W.F.; 劉英明; Wu, S.L.; Liou, Y.M.; Wang, A.L.; Pawlak, C.R.; Ho, Y.J.-