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-Adsorption of tetracycline on Fe (hydr)oxides: effects of pH and metal cation (Cu2+, Zn2+ and Al3+) addition in various molar ratiosHsu, Liang-Ching; Liu, Yu-Ting; 劉雨庭; Syu, Chien-Hui; Huang, Mei-Hsia; Tzou, Yu-Min; Teah, Heng Yi
-Capacity and recycling of polyoxometalate applied in As(III) oxidation by Fe(II)-Amended zero-valent aluminumHsu, Liang-Ching; Cho, Yen-Lin; Liu, Yu-Ting; 劉雨庭; Tzou, Yu-Min; Teah, Heng Yi-
-Kinetics and equilibrium adsorption study of selenium oxyanions onto Al/Si and Fe/Si coprecipitatesChan, Y T; Liu, Y T; 劉雨庭; Tzou, Y M; Kuan, W H; Chang, R R; Wang, M K
-Phosphate Removal in Relation to Structural Development of Humic Acid-Iron CoprecipitatesChen, Kai-Yue; Hsu, Liang-Ching; Chan, Ya-Ting; Cho, Yen-Lin; Tsao, Fang-Yu; Tzou, Yu-Min; Hsieh, Yi-Cheng; Liu, Yu-Ting; 劉雨庭