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-105±2℃不同加熱時間及儲藏溫度對軟質化高麗菜肉捲品質之影響陳思晴; Si-Qing Chen
-Analyses of Muc1 and protein expressions in mouse endometrial epithelium during early pregnancyWilasinee Inyawilert; 韋美妮
-The Analysis System on Management Efficiency of Layer ProductionWen-Tse Lo; 羅文澤
-Antioxidant molecular regulation of fermented wheat bran by White rot fungi in broilersChiao-Chun Wang; 王巧君
-Application of solid-state fermented feather meal by Bacillus subtilis F3 in broiler dietChih-Han Teng; 鄧至涵
-Application of soybean hulls fermented by Aureobasidium pullulans SH-218 in broiler dietLi-Ping Lai; 賴莉萍
-Application of white-rot fungal fermented rice straw in lactating goat dietYi-Fang Tsai; 蔡宜方
-Changes in systemic and udder innate defense functionality and udder remodeling of mastitis cows during the inflammation-resolution course of antibiotics treatmentCheng-Ting Chen; 陳政廷
-Comparison of carcass traits, physicochemical, histological and descriptive sensory characteristic of breast of different hybrids from Taiwan local chickensYuan-Ting Tai; 戴湲婷
-The Comparison of Behavior during Rearing and Laying Period among Erh-Mei Chicken, Beijing Fatty Chicken,Silky and NCHU Selected Country ChickenYu-Yang Xie; 謝宇揚
-The Comparison of Growth and Egg Production Performance among Erh-Mei Chicken, Beijing Fatty Chicken, Silky Chicken and NCHU Selected Taiwan Country ChickenChun-Chia Hsu; 許純嘉
-Culture of rabbit embryonic stem cells by PDMS-micropatterned system for differentiation toward female germ cellsChun-Da Chen; 陳俊達
-Daytime behaviors and night-time resting locations of six local chicken breeds in the sex-intermingled floor pensIat-Cheong Tong; 董日鏘
-Differential expression of egg white proteins in different breeds of chickens and their association with physical characteristics of hard-boiled eggSheng-Chih Liu; 留聖智
-The effect of carbon nanotube on fertility and protein expression in testes of male Taiwan country chickensZi-Lin Li; 李姿霖
-Effect of hydroxyapatite contents and the concentration of EDC on the microstructural and biocompatibility of porous collagen/hydroxyapatite composite scaffoldI-Ching Chen; 陳怡菁
-Effect of Maggot Meal (Musca domestica) for the Red-Feather Taiwan Country Chicken Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality and FlavorKai-Ming Chen; 陳凱銘
-Effect of nano silicate platelets as a mycotoxin fumonisin B1 binder on the protein profiling in the liver of broilersChiao-Wei Yuan; 袁喬葦
-Effect of probiotics and Chinese herbs supplementation in diet on growth performance and gut health in sows and weanling pigletsPao-Cheng Chang; 張堡政
-Effects of dietary supplementation of glycerol on energy balance during the transition and lactating period in Holstein heifers and cowsYou-Ting Liu; 劉祐廷