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-A high sensitive impedimetric salbutamol immunosensor based on the gold nanostructure-deposited screen-printed carbon electrodeChia-Hung Lin; Ching-Chou Wu; Yu-Fen Kuo; 吳靖宙
-An electrooxidative technique to fast fabricate copper phosphate electrodes capable of integrating high performance liquid chromatography for the label-free detection of fish freshnessHsieh, Yu-Han; Lee, Ming-Yuan; Wu, Ching-Chou; 吳靖宙
-A Clark-type oxygen chip for in situ estimation of the respiratory activity of adhering cellsWu, C.C.; 吳靖宙; Luk, H.N.; Lin, Y.T.T.; Yuan, C.Y.-
-Deregulation of AP-1 proteins in collagen gel-induced epithelial cell apoptosis mediated by low substratum rigidityWang, Y.H.; 吳靖宙; Chiu, W.T.; Wang, Y.K.; Wu, C.C.; Chen, T.L.; Teng, C.F.; Chang, W.T.; Chang, H.C.; Tang, M.J.-
-Development of an enrofloxacin immunosensor based on label-free electrochemical impedance spectroscopyWu, C.C.; 吳靖宙; Lin, C.H.; Wang, W.S.-
-Development of impedimetric Salbutamol immunosensors with the oriented antibody immobilized by protein AJie-De Huang; 黃价德
-Effect of iridium valence on the sensing properties of iridium oxide-based pH sensorsJiun-Da Huang; 黃俊達
-Electrochemical evaluation of avidin-biotin interaction on self-assembled gold electrodesDing, S.J.; 吳靖宙; Chang, B.W.; Wu, C.C.; Lai, M.F.; Chang, H.C.-
-Impedance spectral studies of self-assembly of alkanethiols with different chain lengths using different immobilization strategies on Au electrodesDing, S.J.; 吳靖宙; Chang, B.W.; Wu, C.C.; Lai, M.F.; Chang, H.C.-
-Label-Free Nucleic Acid Sensors for Detection of Salmonella Based on Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyWang, Yi-Ting; 王怡婷-
-Manipulating pH in Microchannel for Affinity Chromatographic ElutionHuang, Szu-Chi; 黃思琦-
-Mechanical properties of collagen gels derived from rats of different agesWu, C.C.; 吳靖宙; Ding, S.J.; Wang, Y.H.; Tang, M.J.; Chang, H.C.-
-Microfluidic chip integrated with amperometric detector array for in situ estimating oxygen consumption characteristics of single bovine embryosWu, C.C.; 吳靖宙; Saito, T.; Yasukawa, T.; Shiku, H.; Abe, H.; Hoshi, H.; Matsue, T.-
-Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing蘇答; Prasad, Sudhakara-
-A new method for detection of endotoxin on polymyxin B-immobilized gold electrodesDing, S.J.; 吳靖宙; Chang, B.W.; Wu, C.C.; Chen, C.J.; Chang, H.C.-
-Oxygen consumption of cell suspension in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microchannel estimated by scanning electrochemical microscopySaito, T.; 吳靖宙; Wu, C.C.; Shiku, H.; Yasukawa, T.; Yokoo, M.; Ito-Sasaki, T.; Abe, H.; Hoshi, H.; Matsue, T.-
-Preparation and properties of gold nanoparticle-electrodeposited titanium substrates with Arg-Gly-Asp-Cys peptidesWeng, H.A.; 吳靖宙; Wu, C.C.; Chen, C.G.; Ho, C.C.; Ding, S.J.-
-The simultaneous electrochemical detection of ascorbic acid, dopamine, and uric acid using graphene/size-selected Pt nanocompositesSun, C.L.; 吳靖宙; Lee, H.H.; Yang, J.M.; Wu, C.C.-
-Wireless Sensor Network for Livestock Raising Monitoring Applications陳正杰; Chen, Cheng-Chieh-