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-53BP1在非小細胞肺癌中之表現型式鄭佳曄; Cheng, Chia-Yeh-
-AIF基因表現與非小細胞肺癌抗藥性之研究陳文恆; Chen, Wen-Heng-
-AIF核內運輸與hHR23A之研究黃智洋; Huang, Chih-Yang-
-ALK 在臺灣非小細胞肺癌的表現Chiunng-Yaoo Huanng; 黃瓊珧
-AMPKα之表現與活化在非小細胞肺癌之意義王詠中; Wang, Yung-Chung-
-ATAD-3A在腦下垂體腫瘤的表現張嘉惠; Chia-Hui Chang
-ATAD3A在大腸直腸癌表現之臨床意義林邑穎; Yi-Ying Lin
-ATAD3A於卵巢癌之表現呂碧蓮; Lu, Pi-Lien-
-ATPase family AAA domain-containing 3A is a novel anti-apoptotic factor in lung adenocarcinoma cellsFang, H.Y.; 邱繡河; Chang, C.L.; Hsu, S.H.; Huang, C.Y.; Chiang, S.F.; Chiou, S.H.; Huang, C.H.; Hsiao, Y.T.; Lin, T.Y.; Chiang, I.P.; Hsu, W.H.; Sugano, S.; Chen, C.Y.; Lin, C.Y.; Ko, W.J.; Chow, K.C.; 周寬基-
-Caspase-14抗細胞凋亡特性之分子機制洪敏發; Hung, Min-Fa-
-CHK2在非小細胞肺癌的病理意義吳夢珊; Wu, Meng-Shan-
-Cigarette smoking induces overexpression of hepatocyte growth factor in type II pneumocytes and lung cancer cellsChen, J.T.; 陳鴻震; Lin, T.S.; Chow, K.C.; Huang, H.H.; Chiou, S.H.; Chiang, S.F.; Chen, H.C.; Chuang, T.L.; Lin, T.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; 邱繡河; 周寬基-
-Cisplatin和Go6976在乳癌細胞生長的協同抑制作用邢華冑; Hsing, Hua-Chou-
-C型肝炎病毒之NS5A -PKR結合區域突變對 長效型干擾素和雷巴威林合併療法的影響評估陳怡蘋; Chen, Yi-Ping-
-C型肝炎病毒之NS5A-PKR結合區域突變對長效型干擾素和雷巴威林合併療法的影響評估陳怡蘋; Chen, Yi-Ping-
-Detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus in pneumocytes of the lungChow, K.C.; 邱繡河; Hsiao, C.H.; Lin, T.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Chiou, S.H.; 周寬基-
-Differential expression of U2AF(35) in the arthritic joint of avian reovirus-infected chicksFan, Y.H.; 邱繡河; Lin, C.D.; Chiou, S.H.; Chow, K.C.; Chi, Y.S.; Lee, L.H.; Shien, J.H.; Shieh, H.K.; 周寬基-
-Discovery of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-encoded RNA signal and EBV nuclear antigen leader protein DNA sequence in pet dogsChiou, S.H.; 邱繡河; Chow, K.C.; Yang, C.H.; Chiang, S.F.; Lin, C.H.; 周寬基-
-Drp1之磷酸化修飾為穩定蛋白的重要關鍵黃春華; Huang, Chun-Hua-
-Early selective angioembolization improves success of nonoperative management of blunt splenic injuryWu, S.C.; 周寬基; Chow, K.C.; Lee, K.H.; Tung, C.C.; Yang, A.D.; Lo, C.J.-