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-Analyses of Muc1 and protein expressions in mouse endometrial epithelium during early pregnancyWilasinee Inyawilert; 韋美妮
-Biochemical compositions of follicular fluid and the effects of culture conditions on the in vitro development of pig oocytesHuang, W.T.; 朱志成; Lu, S.G.; Tang, P.C.; Wu, S.C.; Cheng, S.P.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Butyrolactone I reversibly alters nuclear configuration, periooplasmic microtubules and development of porcine oocytesWeng, Y.C.; 朱志成; Sha, S.W.; Chiou, C.M.; Tang, P.C.; Yang, J.H.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Calcium release induced by thimerosal and inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate in heat-shocked porcine oocytesTseng, J.K.; 朱志成; Tang, P.C.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Effects of levels and sources of follicular fluid on the in vitro maturation and development of porcine oocytesHuang, W.T.; 朱志成; Tang, P.C.; Wu, S.C.; Cheng, S.P.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Effects of the Chicken Sex-linked Dwarf Gene on Growth and Muscle DevelopmentChen, C.F.; 陳志峰; Chen, Y.H.; Tixier-Boichard, M.; Cheng, P.Y.; Chang, C.S.; Tang, P.C.; Lee, Y.P.; 唐品琦-
-Endothelin 3 對雞隻胚胎黑色素母細胞分佈之影響陳郁元; Chen, Yu-Yuan-
-Establishment of cell culture systems and induced methods of mouse pluripotent stem cellJhe-Syuan Chang; 張哲軒
-Expressed transcripts associated with high rates of egg production in chicken ovarian folliclesYang, K.T.; 黃木秋; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, H.L.; Liou, J.S.; Chien, C.Y.; Wu, C.P.; Huang, C.W.; Ou, B.R.; Chen, C.F.; Lee, Y.P.; Lin, E.C.; Tang, P.C.; Lee, W.C.; Ding, S.T.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Huang, M.C.; 陳志峰; 唐品琦-
-Identification of transcripts related to high egg production in the chicken hypothalamus and pituitary glandShiue, Y.L.; 陳志峰; Chen, L.R.; Chen, C.F.; Chen, Y.L.; Ju, J.P.; Chao, C.H.; Lin, Y.P.; Kuo, Y.M.; Tang, P.C.; Lee, Y.P.; 唐品琦-
-In vitro thermal stress induces apoptosis and reduces development of porcine parthenotesTseng, J.K.; 朱志成; Tang, P.C.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Inhibitory effect of nano silicate platelets on the cytotoxicity of fumonisin B1 to mouse embryosYu-Jing Liao; 廖御靜
-The kinase inhibitor indirubin-3 '-oxime prevents germinal vesicle breakdown and reduces parthenogenetic development of pig oocytesHsieh, C.H.; 朱志成; Tang, P.C.; Chang, W.H.; Weng, Y.C.; Sha, S.W.; Tseng, J.K.; Chang, L.H.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Laying traits and underlying transcripts, expressed in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, that were associated with egg production variability in chickensChen, C.F.; 陳志峰; Shiue, Y.L.; Yen, C.J.; Tang, P.C.; Chang, H.C.; Lee, Y.P.; 唐品琦-
-Let-7b-mediated suppression of basigin expression and metastasis in mouse melanoma cellsFu, T.Y.; 張嘉哲; Chang, C.C.; Lin, C.T.; Lai, C.H.; Peng, S.Y.; Ko, Y.J.; Tang, P.C.; 唐品琦-
-Let-7b於小鼠子宮內膜細胞與黑色素腫瘤細胞中對Basigin與細胞生理的功能分析傅子彥; Fu, Tzu-Yen-
-miRNA 199a於著床時期之小鼠子宮內膜上皮細胞對muc1之調控韋美妮; Inyawilert, Wilasinee-
-Nuclear and cytoskeletal dynamics during oocyte maturation and development of somatic cell cloned pig embryos injected with membrane disintegrated donor cellsLin, T.A.; 朱志成; Tsay, C.; Chen, C.H.; Tang, P.C.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-
-Proteomic analysis of hypothalamic proteins of high and low egg production strains of chickensKuo, Y.M.; 陳志峰; Shiue, Y.L.; Chen, C.F.; Tang, P.C.; Lee, Y.P.; 唐品琦-
-The relative centrifugation force permits visualization of the germinal vesicle in pig oocytesHsieh, C.H.; 朱志成; Lee, S.; Jaw, S.N.; Tseng, J.K.; Tang, P.C.; Chang, L.H.; Ju, J.C.; 唐品琦-