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-2006-2007商管產學個案發展與個案研究整合型計畫-子計畫十一:振鋒公司王精文; 陳心懿-
-Cash-Flow News, Institutional Ownership, and Insider Trading林宜勉-
-The Determinants of R&D Modes and Innovation Capability邱奕嘉-
-An Examination of the Inverted S Relationship between Internationalization and Firm Performance-A Perspective from an Newly-Industrialized Economy喬友慶-
-A Exploratiry Study of Relationship Strategic Grorp on performance - Environmental Uncertainty As a Moderator方世榮-
-The Firm's Optimal Strategies of Coupons, Rebates and Price Advertisements蕭櫓-
-An In-Depth Study on the Relationship among Industrial Environment, Business Strategy, Resource Allocation, and Corporate Performance林金賢-
-Innovation Capability and Business Configuration邱奕嘉-
-Mncs Global Competitive Actions and Performance-The Moderating Role of Competitive Rhythm喬友慶-
-Second-Tier Competitive Strategy - A New Perspective of Competitive Strategy of Taiwanese Firms Under Global Division of Labor佘日新-
-A Study of Marketing Intellectual Capital-Perspectives of Relationship Learning and Capability-Based View方世榮-
-利用網路群體創造力軟體輔助系統對創造思考能力之影響(I)王精文; 洪瑞雲-
-利用網路群體創造力軟體輔助系統對創造思考能力之影響(II)王精文; 洪瑞雲-