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-(Acta Cryst. D Biol. Cryst.,55(3):694-695)Expression,crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of N-carbamyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase from Agrobacterium radiobacterW.H. Hsu; F.T. Chien; C.L. Hsu; T.C. Wang; H.S. Yuan; W.C. Wang
-Alanine Racemase as a Novel Selectable Marker for Plant Transformation and Elucidation of Mechanisms of D-amino Acid Toxicity in Plants許文輝-
-Analysis of IS1 Transposition Mechanisms by Transposase Mutants and in vitro Assays陳建華-
-Analysis of the Sequences Flanking orf112 of Filamentous Phage.cint.LF曾義雄-
-Analysis of urinary nucleosides as potential tumor markers in human breast cancer by high performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryHsu, Wei-Yi; Lin, Wei-De; Tsai, Yuhsin; Lin, Chiung-Tsung; Wang, Hwei-Chung; Jeng, Long-Bin; Lee, Ching-Chih; Lin, Yu-Chiang; Lai, Chien-Chen; Tsai, Fuu-Jen-
-(Antonie van Leeuwenhoek International Jouranal of General and Molecular Microbiology,86(4):355-362)Generating oxidation-resistant variants of Bacillus kaustophilus leucine amino-peptidase by substitution of the critical methionine residues with leucineM.C. Chi; W.M. Chou; C.H. Wang; W. Chen; W.H. Hsu; L.L. Lin-
-(Antonie van Leeuwenhoek International Jouranal of General and Molecular Microbiology,88(3-4):189-197)Phylogenetic Analysis and Biochemical Characterization of a Thermostable Dihydropyrimidinase from Alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. TS-23L.L. Lin; W.H. Hsu; W.Y. Hsu; S.C. Kan; H.Y. Hu-
-Application of Agricultural Soil Microbial Metagenome for Biodegradation and Biocatalysis-Biodegradation of Soil Organic Pollutant, Paclobutrazol and Discovery of Novel Enzymes (II)許文輝-
-(Applied and Environmental Microbiology,75(15):5161-5166)Isolation and characterization of a novel lysine racemase from a soil metagenomic libraryI. C. Chen; W. D. Lin; S. K. Hsu; V. Thiruvengadam; W. H. Hsu-
-(Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology,150(2):157-170)Immobilization of Escherichia coli novablue γ-glutamyltranspeptidase in Ca-alginate-κ-carrageenan beadsC. P. Hung; H. F. Lo; W. H. Hsu; S. C. Chen; L. L. Lin-
-(Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology,73(1):103-112)Over-expression,one-step purification,and biochemical characterization of a recombinant γ-glutamyltranspeptidase from Bacillus licheniformisL.L. Lin; P.R. Chou; Y.W. Hua; W.H. Hsu-
-(Archives of Microbiology,178(2):115-123)Deletion analysis of the C-terminal region of the α-amylase of Bacillus sp. Strain TS-23H.F. Lo; L.L. Lin; W.Y. Chiang; M.C. Chie; W.H. Hsu; C.T. Chang-
-(Archives of Microbiology,179(4):250-257)Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of a thermostable N-carbamoyl-L-amino acid amidohydrolase from Bacillus kaustophilus CCRC11223H.Y. Hu; W.H. Hsu; H.R. Chien-
-(Archives of Microbiology,181(3):237-244)Mutational analysis of feedback inhibition and catalytic sites of prephenate dehydratase from Corynebacterium glutamicumS.K. Hsu; L.L. Lin; H.H. Lo; W.H. Hsu-
-Beyond Histone and Deacetylase: An Overview of Cytoplasmic Histone Deacetylases and Their Nonhistone SubstratesYao, Ya-Li; Yang, Wen-Ming
-(Biochem. Biophy. Res. Commun.,219(2):537-542)Cloning of m-Fluorophenylalanine-Resistant Gene and Mutational Analysis of Feedback-Resistant Prephenate Dehydratase from Corynebacterium glutamicumM. S. Chan; W. H. Hsu
-(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,297(2):282-287)Enhancing oxidative resistance of Agrobacterium radiobacter N-carbamoyl D-amino acid amidohydrolase by engineering solvent-accessible methionine residuesH.R. Chien; C.L. Hsu; H.Y. Hu; W.C. Wang; W.H. Hsu-
-(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,303(3):848-854)A gene cluster involved in pyrimidine reductive catabolism from Brevibacillus agri NCHU1002C.H. Kao; W.H. Hsu-
-(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,329(3):863-868)A gene cluster for the fatty acid catabolism from Pseudonocardia autotrophica BCRC12444C.H. Chen; J.C. Cheng; Y.C. Cho; W.H. Hsu-