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-Effects of rice straw ash amendment on Cu solubility and distribution in flooded rice paddy soilsHuang, Jang-Hung; Hsu, Shen-Huei; Wang, Shan-Li-
-Influence of chemical compositions and molecular weights of humic acids on Cr(VI) photo-reductionS.Y.Chen; S.W.Huang; P.N.Chiang; J.C.Liu; W.H.Kuan; J.H.Huang; J.T.Hung; Y.M.Tzou; C.C.Chen; M.K.Wang-
-(International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology,58:1571-1575)Pseudoxanthobacter soil gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel nitrogen fixing alphaproteobacterium isolated from soilArun, A. B.; P. Schumann; C. C. Tan; H. I. Chu; W. M. Chen; W. A. Lai; B. J. Tindall; P. Kampfer; F. T. Shen; P. D. Rekha; M. H. Hung; J. H. Chou; C. C. Young
-Pseudacidovorax intermedius gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel betaproteobacterium isolated from the soilKampfer, P.; K. Thummes; Chu Horng-I; C. C. Tan; A. B. Arun; W. M. Chen; W. A. Lai; F. T. Shen; P. D. Rekha; C. C. Young-
-(Quarterly Journal of Forest Research,25(3):001-010)The turnover of soil organic matter and flux of soil carbon dioxide at Guandaushi forest ecosystemC. C. Lee; C. C. Tan; D. R. Wu-
-Reaction mechanism of hexavalent chromium with celluloseWang, Shan-Li; Lee, Jyh-Fu-
-A water isotope approach to assessing moisture recycling in the island-based precipitation of Taiwan: A case study in the western PacificPeng, Tsung-Ren; Liu, Kon-Kee; Wang, Chung-Ho; Chuang, Kai-Hsun-
-(土壤與環境第06卷第3期,p121-p132)塔塔加高山森林生態系中土壤微生物生質量和酸性磷酸酯西每活性與土壤中生物有效性磷含量之關係王明仁; 王明光; 賴朝明; 譚鎮中
-(土壤與環境第06卷第3期,p145-p152)關刀溪森林生態系土壤二氧化碳釋放來源之探討李振洲; 葉學文; 譚鎮中