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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Applications of Three Dimensions Laser Scanning System in Engineering高書屏-
-The Availability Evaluation of the LTRFD Composite Column Formulas Used for Light Weight Concrete呂東苗; 顏聰-
-Decision Support System of Prioritizing Planning on Maintenance and Rehabilitation for Sewerage Systems (III)楊明德-
-Design Coefficient for Shoring System (II)郭其珍-
-Experimental Study on the Flow Characteristics around Vertical Plates Having Different Aspect Ratios (II)林呈-
-Fatigue Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beam (I)陳豪吉; 顏聰-
-Finite Elment Model for Wave-Induced Seabed Response with Inertia Force Effect林義雄-
-Graphic Estimation and Windows-Based Design for Detention Facility (II)陳正炎-
-H_infty Direct Output Feedbake Control of Torsionally-Coupled Building Structures林其璋-
-Investigation of the Probabilistic Characteristics of Soil Erosion Process盧昭堯; 陳臺芳-
-Mechanical Response of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete Mixtures due to Repeated Loading (I)徐登文-
-Model Identification and Damage Index Development of Buildings under Earthquake Excitation (I)林其璋-
-A New Approach to Evaluation of In-Place Concrete Strength by Pulse Velocity (II)林宜清; 賴朝鵬-
-New Prediction Method for the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete顏聰; 潘坤勝; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯-
-Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Dynamic Reponses of a Suspension Bridge with a Hexagonal Cross-Section (I)方富民-
-Physical and Numerical Modelling of the Engineering Performance of Tunnelling in Poorly Cemented Sedimentary Rocks (I)壽克堅-
-Research on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Containing Nanoscale Blast Furnace Slag (I)顏聰; 湯兆緯; 陳豪吉; 吳威德; 黃玉麟-
-Residule Seismic Resistance for Cracked Walls黃玉麟-
-Shear Strength of Exterior SCC Beam-Column Joints林建宏-